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Sunday, 31, May, 2020

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What the lion eat

What the lions eat in savannah

Leone – what he eats in the savannah What the lions eat. The lion is a predator; indeed, it is … Read more

Masai Giraffe standing on Masai Mara

Masai Giraffe the Kilimanjaro Giraffe

Masai Giraffe Where to find Masai Giraffe: Masai giraffe is one of the four giraffe’s main species presents in Africa. … Read more

Irrawady dolphin

Irrawaddy Dolphin IUCN announces endangered classified

Habitat: He is an oceanic dolphin, but he stays near the coast and the estuaries of big rivers like the … Read more

|   Funny Animals

Funny fox

Funny foxes

Story of a little crazy fox running in the forest looking for a hen … He meets a hare and … Read more

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Winning Image - Sarah Skinner Grab life by the...

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, as a tradition since 2017, have been awarded. The 2019 edition … Read more

Funny dogs

Jokes between poodle and parrot

A huge trucker sits in a bar for a drink, when a lousy little guy comes in and asks who … Read more

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5 Days Masai Mara Lake Nakuru Safari

Day 1: Nairobi – Masaai Mara Pick up from your Hotel for a journey south a long the great rift … Read more


List of our Holiday services 1. Adventure Safaris: – Experience the real African jungle; raw, rugged and wild! Engage in … Read more

The Lakefront from the lake

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|   Wild Lands

Wild Russia uncontaminated nature

Wild Russia experience of uncontaminated nature Country Russia Federation Region/State Russia Official Language Russian Area 17.075.200 km2 Population 144.463.451 Density … Read more


Wild Mali – the biggest herd of elephant

Dr. Susan Canney Project manager of Mali Elephant Project explains the project, is very interesting to understand the behind of … Read more

Sahara desert

Sahara desert treasures The Sahara desert is one of the most inhospitable places on earth, and being a desert it … Read more

Cheyenne show

Sand Creek massacre – an American blot

Sand Creek massacre 29 November 1865 the American’s shame, in Colorado a group of 675 men in force of cavalry, … Read more

Mongolia Nomads

Live with Nomad Mongolia

Live with Mongolia’s nomads live with nomads Mongolia, when we speak about Mongolia we remember  Genghis Khan. Lived between 1162 … Read more

Alaska Landscape

Alaska the land of bears and ices

Alaska the land of bears and ices Country United States Of America Region/State Alaska Official Language English 86% native and … Read more

|   Wild Adventure

Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

Iditarod is the iconic sled dog race which can permit us to talk about wild Alaska and about the famous … Read more

Agafia. Hermit Surviving in Russian Wilderness for 70 years

This video needs to stay in the wild adventures category, the story of Agafia is incredible, and her life is … Read more

A Silver Back Gorilla

Rwanda Volcanoes NP Gorilla – Umubano group

Last Gorilla Rwanda Volcanos Gorilla, we introduce today this great and spectacular animal. Mountain gorillas are protected from extinction risk. … Read more

Lofoten trip to Norway

Beyond the Arctic polar circle Lofoten, the call of the great North has always been alive in me, especially in … Read more

Life of the Serengeti lions

Serengeti lions of Tanzania

Lions of Tanzania The lions of Tanzania Lions of Tanzania, the first time I had the opportunity to do a campsite experience … Read more

|   Wild People

Walter Bonatti The King Of Alps

Walter Bonatti represents today, more than sixty years after his great achievements, an example to follow. Anyone approaching the world … Read more

Touareg And The Desert Tea

Touareg the nomads of the Sahara desert Touareg is a word of Arabic origin, which means “inhabitant of Fezzan.” The … Read more

Sand Creek massacre – an American blot

Sand Creek massacre 29 November 1865 the American’s shame, in Colorado a group of 675 men in force of cavalry, … Read more


The wildlife is fundamental to the environment. The absence of the wildlife, or even just a part of wildlife, create an unbalancing. Preservation allows for the maintenance of biodiversity. Biodiversity makes it possible to have the most robust ecosystem and is a benefit to all humans.
Unfortunately, it is not simple to help people to understand how much is essential. This is because we are fully immersed in our chaotic life, and we have the sensation of the environmental questions are meaningless. It is just an illusion, yes we can save time now forgetting the environment, but we will miss later, and We'll destroy our house, the house of everyone. The consequence of this delay is catastrophic, and every day, more people understand the seriousness of the situation. Especially the new generations are more sensitive to the climate change problem.
Read more

Technology and wildlife environment

For us, as humans, it is complicated to understand wildlife importance. Our life is technology-based, technology is in any context of our life. I would not be writing this post without technological progress. Technology should serve humanity and not at the opposite make humans slave.
When we completely dislodge ourselves from nature, our body and mind begin to suffer. Everything we do by being disconnected from nature becomes a problem often turning into diseases such as stress. It is a spiraling vortex, and when you are inside, it is like a tornado.

Environment and human being

That is why protecting wildlife and his habitat, has direct relevance for humans and society. If nature is healthy, we too benefit from this state of mind. When I hear people say the opposite, I wonder how that person thinks differently. I did a lot of tests and every time you find that there are business and economic interests behind.
It seems like they misunderstand the problem.
They are hiding their business interests. Politicians are doing it for their armchairs. While in society, the people, especially those who have an excellent social position, do it for the afraid of losing their status quo.

A wild journey

This site is a wild journey into the immense wild world of wild animals. The trip we want to makes with you, hoping to give the right message. We want to provide signals that lead to a greater awareness of the importance of safeguarding.
We need to give space to dialogue between souls, wild animals rights, ecologists, and the human necessities. Instead, who supports opposing theses. Create walls, end-to-face contrasts increase the problem. Solutions come from dialogue and costly engagement. Maybe now is the right moment to sensitize people about this problem. It is not very difficult to understand, especially for the new generations, the incredible contradiction there is between to be on the way to Mars and to kill innocent animals.
We will, therefore, visit far and extreme wild lands as we like. For example, will go to Alaska with the Eskimo Hunters in the great cold. Also in the cold Siberia and even in beautiful Peru. Hence the wonderful the heart of Africa where will discover the extremely wild savannah and his wild animals.
We will cross stormy seas with great adventure pioneers. We'll go to the highest mountains, and we will know the greatest mountaineers and explorers. We'll bring you to the wildest parts of Asia. Where wildlife is a part of the lifestyle throughout the continent.
We will try to get acquainted with wild animals such as lions, tigers, or bears. But also with large marine mammals such as whales, orcas, and sharks.

The Wild Blog

The blog section is dedicated to the actuality, events, significant moments of our social life, which impact the environment. But events reportage of some adventures around the world. The experiences usually have two characteristics that we love. The first is the environment that often is extreme and second, when is a successful open the way to new horizons.

Wildlife and tourism

We also have a part of the site called Travel Destinations where we'll give space to ideas of tourism in wild destinations. We will propose ideas for travel and wild experiences. Wild Animals In Wild Lands is a travel idea. And every year it is more important in the travel market. Many countries have discovered that it is better to ban hunting and promote wildlife tourism. The reason is simple, hunters spent money but are a restrict group of people. Tourists are much more than hunters, and they move more money. Another effect is the country reputation, it is easy to understand the power of thousands of people enthusiastic by a place. We hope that more and more people will get to live adventures in harmony with nature.

Sometimes we'll talk about the organizations involved in the preservation. Like Panthera or WWF or Greenpeace or Sea Shepherd and Amnesty International.
In conclusion, we recommend if you can to help this o even other organizations you like. This is the first shade of activism.

Follow us and remember to give your support sharing our posts if you like.

The Waiwl Team

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