Wild Animals in Wild Lands


The wildlife is of paramount importance. Preservation allows for the maintenance of biodiversity. Biodiversity makes  possible to have the strongest ecosystem, and is a benefit for human.

Technology and wildlife environment

For us humans is very difficult to understand the wildlife importance. Our life is  technology based, technology is in anythings we do.  I would not be writing this post without technological progress. Technology should serve man and not make it a slave and move it away from nature. When we completely dislodge ourselves from nature our body and mind begin to suffer. Everything we do by being disconnected from nature, becomes a problem often turning into diseases such as stress.

Environment and human being

That is why protecting wildlife and his habitat, has a direct relevance for man and even social. If nature is healthy, we too benefit from this state of mind. When I hear people say the opposite, I wonder how that person thinks differently. I did a lot of tests and every time you find that there are business and economic interests behind. It is almost never a problem to understand. It is almost always a hiding of their shop interests, politicians do it for their armchairs while in society the people. Especially those who have a good social position do it to keep it or for the afraid of losing their status quo.

stop trophy hunting

This site is a wildlife journey into the immense wild world. A journey we want to travel with you and hoping to give you messages. Signals that lead to a greater awareness of the importance of safeguarding. Trying to give space to dialogue between souls animal rights  and ecologist. Instead who supports opposing theses. Walls, end-to-face contrasts increase the problem, solutions come from dialogue and costly engagement.

We will therefore visit far, difficult and terribly wild lands as we like. For example, going to Alaska with the Eskimo Hunters in the great cold. Also in the cold Siberia and even in the beautiful Peru. We will cross stormy seas with great adventure pioneers. Will bring you to the wildest parts Africa where wildlife is a widespread lifestyle throughout the continent.

We will try to get acquainted with big predators such as lions, tigers or bears, but also with large marine mammals such as whales, orcas and sharks.

Wildlife work in progress

In preparation we also have a part of the site not yet ready where we’ll give space at ideas of tourism in wild destinations. We will propose ideas for travel and wild experiences, in the hope that more and more people will get to live a non-stereotyped adventure and in harmony with nature.

Sometimes will talk about the organizations involved in the preservation of wildlife like Panthera or Wwf 

Then follow us and remember to give us your support.

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