live with nomads mongolia

live with nomads mongolia live with nomads mongolia, when we speak about Mongolia we remember  Genghis Khan. Lived between 1162 and 1227, its great merit was to unify all the territories won under one single empire. One of the greatest that the story remembers. Mongolia is predominantly composed of steepRead More →

Climate Change And Environmental Politics The drought in Africa has always been a problem. In recent years climate change has forced us to observe the phenomenon. Are increasing in some areas. Certainly, it is not a novelty but it is a strong signal. We need to change direction early. WillRead More →

In this video we can enjoy of hilarious moments of our funny wild animals, we love the ice bears and you? comment pleaseRead More →

In this episode Ray Mears explore the coast, another brick in the biodiversity of this country.Read More →

In this episode Ray Mears explore the desert, another brick in the biodiversity of this country.Read More →

In this episode Ray Mears explore the rain-forest another brick in the biodiversity of this country.Read More →

In this episode Ray Mears explore the Reef, another brick in the biodiversity of this country.Read More →

In this episode Ray Mears explore the wet lands another brick in the biodiversity of this country.Read More →

First part of Ray Mears documentary dedicated to Australia continent, in this part he talk about the BushRead More →

I watched this documentary very nicely, is By RT Documentaries and let me tell you is very well done. Ok someone can tell is not strictly wild but for me is an error, the northern place even if inhabited by the civilized community like Murmansk, is wild and in the documentaryRead More →

This video is really very funny, specially the goat is so crazy.. watch and like pleaseRead More →

second part of the BBC documentary dedicated to nomads people, Siberia is one of more wild place i the world, -40 in the night is normal life there is absolutely strong and the documentary talk even about the problem caused by a big oil company to the wildlife. Very niceRead More →

Dr. Susan Canney Project manager of Mali Elephant Project explain the project, is very interesting to understand the behind of conservation project. In this case she explain about the biggest herd of elephant, up to 700 live together in a huge herdRead More →

This funny video will help us to relax a little bit, but i want to remark that many of the action in the video are in wild area like national parks, please the interaction from wild animals and human is a bad practice, specially to give food, this behavior exposeRead More →

Big Wolf Build For The Kill A very interesting documentary to illustrate the techniques of hunting wolves. The first scene shows while isolating a small bison but adults and mother save it. Then see a wounded adult isolate and using their technique to cause profound wounds in the perineum area. WithRead More →

Puff Adder vs mongoose

The Puff Adder The puff adder is famous because of the toxicity of its poison and for its spread. It is on the list of the most dangerous snakes in the world. Although mainly spread in Africa. It’s a short and squat snake that camouflages very well with the stones. WeRead More →

Watch this two new cubs of ice bear to see the world ( the frozen world!! ) for first time, beautiful like all NG documentaries Credits: National GeographicRead More →

Rwanda Volcanos Gorilla, we introduce today this great and spectacular animals, mountain gorillas are protected from extinction risk, all the travelers have the same opinion, to visit gorillas is an incredible emotion!! We agree, who can must go, remember the number of visitors is very strictly and need to bookRead More →

Caracal is medium size, is reddish coat and is native to Africa, is famous because he is one of the more efficient bird’s hunter. He is an incredible jumper and he catches his prey higher than 3 meters. Is not simple to see him, he loves to stay hidden. ReadRead More →

I’ve decided to post this video because the behavior of safari drivers need to be condemned, the  video show a hunting by two lionesses, the scene is cruel as usually but is the rule of wild life,  about the safari drivers , is normal to try to go close theRead More →

I’m simply without words, this documentary thanks to Kate Humble is presented very well and it is easy to understand the lifestyle of the nomads populations. In this first of three documentary she meet the Nepal’s nomads. Nomads are absolutely wild, this lifestyle requires great adaptability and knowledge  of theRead More →

Fascinating story about Inuit lifestyle, don’t loseRead More →

This is a press report by CGTN Africa and it report the Himba tribe tradition and the difficult to maintain it when the tourism impact and consequently the modern progress  it so height like now Credits: CCTV’s Maria GalangRead More →

A leopard filmed by a trophy cam in Gabon, was very curious and interested at the camRead More →

Polar bear

Polar Bear Built For The Kill -Polar Bears Polar Bear Built For The Kill Polar bear along with the Kodiak bear is the largest carnivorous mammal on the mainland. Its white mantle makes it look almost docile and sweet. It is just an illusion, the polar bear is a realRead More →

In this short video we can see a couple of brown bears cubs playing with their mom, like all cubs are very nice and funny, they love play.  The Brown bear is almost totally vegetarian but he like fish a lotRead More →