live with nomads mongolia

live with nomads mongolia live with nomads mongolia, when we speak about Mongolia we remember  Genghis Khan. Lived between 1162 and 1227, its great merit was to unify all the territories won under one single empire. One of the greatest that the story remembers. Mongolia is predominantly composed of steepRead More →

Climate Change And Environmental Politics The drought in Africa has always been a problem. In recent years climate change has forced us to observe the phenomenon. Are increasing in some areas. Certainly, it is not a novelty but it is a strong signal. We need to change direction early. WillRead More →

A very interesting documentary to illustrate the techniques of hunting wolves, a first scene shows while isolating a small bison but adults and mother save it, then see a wounded adult isolate and using their technique to cause profound wounds in perineum area, with this technique the animal quickly losesRead More →

We introduce the today another dangerous wild animal, the Nile Crocodile, is one of the most danger animal in Africa. Is not simple to understand the real number of people killed yearly by this reptile but one thing is sure, together with the hippopotamus are responsible then more then thousandRead More →

Caracal is medium size, is reddish coat and is native to Africa, is famous because he is one of the more efficient bird’s hunter. He is an incredible jumper and he catches his prey higher than 3 meters. Is not simple to see him, he loves to stay hidden. ReadRead More →

This is a press report by CGTN Africa and it report the Himba tribe tradition and the difficult to maintain it when the tourism impact and consequently the modern progress  it so height like now Credits: CCTV’s Maria GalangRead More →