Wild funny animals This is one a good way for to forget the 2017 and say welcome to 2018,  nice clips, many with wild funny  animalsRead More →

Photo credit: Jrn.com

Human-Bear conflict Human-Bear conflict is actually the most important argument of discussion in the wildlife world. The actually situation about conservation of bear need to be explained, because if you look for the bear in general, is not threatened, so you can think there is no problem for bear, isRead More →

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2017

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2017 The Winners It is a very pleasure to write an article about The Comedy Wildlife Awards. The people work in the media field know how much is difficult to invent new situations and have new ideas, because it is absolutely necessary to involve the publicRead More →

funny animals

Funny animals funny animals funny animals, just for laugh a little bit, there is a better way than a laugh to begin the day? Animals are very funny, especially in the human interaction. It is easy to film they and if they are domestic is even easier. Funny animals areRead More →

Polar bear

Wild Russia experience of uncontaminated nature Country Russia Federation Region/State Russia Official Language Russian Area 17.075.200 km2 Population 144.463.451 Density 8.4/km2 Capital city Moscow Largest city Moscow 12 mil.[wp_bannerize group=”inarticle”] Climate The climate of Russia is variable, with his incredible extension can’t be different. The climate can be divided inRead More →

Funny animal wild  [wp_bannerize group=”inarticle”] The funny animal in this footage can  watch polar bears, brown bear, monkey, raccoons, lizard, reindeer, gray wolf, red fox, giraffe, flamingos, birds and black bear. So is possible to find funny situation in the world wild? Yes is it, but just is difficult toRead More →

Alaska the land of bears and ices Country United States Of America Region/State Alaska Official Language English 86% native and other languages 14% Area 1.717.000 km q Population 736.000 Density 0.43 ab/kmq Capital city Juneau Largest city Anchorage Climate The Alaska climate is cold, everywhere you go is cold, justRead More →

Yellowstone grizzly hunting

Stop Trophy Hunting in British Columbia Who like us work daily for to promote the safeguarding of wildlife and environment, is normally sad, every days we are sad, we work with hundreds of abuse, we reach continuously bad news about conservation and our loved animals and ecosystems. Is something don’tRead More →

Another funny compilation, dedicated to small animals. It is very funny and it helps you to have a better day. like and share, pleaseRead More →

Funny Animals African Wildlife In savanna not all is drama, there are many hilarious moments, in this video there are some moments filmed by tourists in the Kruger National Park. Some clips are emotional, and your hearth will bit speedy. This is the magic of Africa, the incredible contrast betweenRead More →

Special interview to Captain Paul Watson founder and president of Sea Shepherd by Stella McCartney The three laws of ecology I want to introduce today a very important person in safeguarding of environment, the Captain Paul Watson. For who don’t know him, it was co-founder of Greenpace and founder of SeaRead More →

funny wild animals

Funny wild animals Funny wild animals   Funny wild animals Not only pets are funny even wild animals are very stupid sometimes, the only difficulty is to capture the moment.   Funny animalsRead More →

Funny dog

Funny dogs and cats Funny dogs and cats Another funny compilation Dog and cats are the best friends of human, any way to see an animal to imitate or follow the human’s activities is very funny. Opposite to the wild animals is easy to film the domestic animals. In conclusion,Read More →

Is unbelievable, basically we thinks at the wild animals like something untouchable, but this clips showing a different behavior, lion with dogs, monkeys with cats, tiger with bear, discover in this amazing video the side sweet of the wild [wp_bannerize group=”inarticle”]Read More →

Father Frost arrived in Oymyakon the coldest village in the earth. Even this year Father Frost arrived in Oymyakon ( Russia )for the joy of the children who were able to visit his ice cave. Then Father Frost lit the Christmas tree as usual. Oymyakon is a lost village inRead More →