Indochinese Tiger population is growing

Indochinese Tiger population is growing

Indochinese Tiger population is growing

The discovery

A few months ago, on the BBC website, a very nice article about Indochinese tiger was published. The article talks about the discovery of a new population of Thai tigers a rare species considered high-risk. The discovery took place during a control operation by two of the largest wildlife conservation organizations (Panthera and Freeland ). With the help of Trophy cams, they could film these beautiful free animals in their natural habitat. But what does this discovery mean?

The anti-poaching effort

Once the news has a positive meaning because it shows that the population of tigers, after decimation due to poachers, is on the rise.

Indochinese tiger Think of over 100,000 tigers estimated a century ago only 3900 seems to have remained in the world. But how did this result come about? the authorities of the

Thai park has no doubt. It is worth stricter anti-fraud programs in all areas at risk. And this has allowed the balance between deaths and births to return to positive.

We are very happy with this news, our followers know how important is this for us. To understand the importance of systems and anti-poaching forces in species conservation.

The economic interests that revolve around the world of poaching for extinct species are enormous. Tigers, lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos just to name the most famous are killed daily and without piety.

This practice is illegal and diffused in many areas of the world. So it is easy to see that only where there is a strong anti-poaching effort you get good results. Where the effort is minimal or is just a façade effort, the situation remains serious.

It is noteworthy that the components of these anti-poaching units often pay with their lives. I want to cite just one example. The case of Wayne Lotter who was killed in Tanzania in August in a bloody ambush by two mafia-style assassins. Read here in the Telegraph article. Lotter was famous for his commitment and certainly bothered the criminals’ organizations. Especially after his organization led to the arrest of two “ivory lords” such as Mathew Maliango and “ivory queen” Yang Feng Glan in 2015.

In conclusion

The tiger is the largest cat in the wild. And she is definitely a dangerous animal. She is a big predator. But as we know with the human there is low hope. The risk that the Tigers left to end the Bali tiger or the Java tiger is high. Therefore, a great thank you to all the anti-poaching forces. We say thanks for their safeguarding work of wild animals.

Black Mamba Vs Mongoose

Black Mamba Vs Mongoose

Black Mamba Vs Mongoose

He is considerate the more danger snack in the earth, is true?

No, it is not, but absolutely he is one of the more dangerous of the planet earth. He has two characteristics which determine this fame. The first is his deadly attack, quick and repeated, can bite up to 12 times consecutively with an impressive rapidity. The second reason is the toxicity of his poison.

The poison

The black mamba poison is a very powerful neurotoxin that is injected in large quantities. And in any case much more than needed to kill a man, is not very dense and circulates very quickly. Many people have asked me if it is possible to survive the black mamba’s bite. It depends simply on how far you are away from an antidote center.

If you can be transported or get it to you in a matter of minutes your chances are good, but if you are far away I’m sorry for you but it’s your last few minutes of life.

So why you say is not the more dangerous?

The Black Mamba, however, does not usually hunt man and the attacks that occur are generally due to the inattentiveness of the unfortunate.

Mamba hunting birds, mice, and generally small mammals. He spends a lot of time on trees hunting birds, its size is remarkable and can reach 4 meters in length.

Mamba, as practically all the wild animals, when you meet him tells you that you are doing something wrong. He stands up in front of you and opens his mouth showing his black image of death.

Back calmly without panic and then go to a safe place. Remember that it is the fastest snake of the earth and reaches 20 km per hour. It is not even so common to find, so even the accidental encounter is not common.

Suggestions: If you are in Savannah or other remote areas of Africa, wear shoes and proper clothes, do not walk with the slippers in the savannah because the Masai do it, mamba is just one of the hundreds of dangers that hide the African savannah and you are not Masai.

Black Mamba is considered Least Concern on the IUCN Red List

His competitor

Mamba has a natural enemy, the mongoose, she is the only animal with more speed than him in the attack.

Mongoose the mamba nightmare

Mongoose is a carnivore, his body can be long from 25 up to 60 cm. 34 different species of Mongoose exist, divided from Asia and Africa. She is a social animal, she lives in groups sometimes even big, and they move all the day.

Sometimes can arrive to move up 9 km in one single day but usually very less. We can say is normal to move around three or four km per day. But why the mongoose move a lot? The reason is the continues food research. Her preferred prey is the snack but she likes even rat and other small animals. So is very important the mongoose presence for the ecosystem balancing.

The mortal attack of mongoose

The mongoose when attack cobra or mambas use the movement strategy joined to speedy biting. With movement, she confuses the snake by turning around with quick change gears. Then she attacks with super speed and bit the snack on the head, the attack is never long usually one or two minutes.

Did you know? Mongoose in Africa often shares the den with hyenas and warthog, not at the same time but when a den is abandoned from Hyena usually will be occupied from mongoose or warthog.

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Trump suspend import in US from Zimbabwe trophy hunt

Zimbabwe Trophy hunt in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Trophy hunt in the last days a Trump’s administration decision has inflamed the debate about trophy hunting. Trump’s administrations have removed the stop at the importing in the US from Zimbabwe trophy hunt.

In the same day protests by the animalist and conservationists all around the world have yelled against this foolish decision.

Yesterday the President with a twit said the decision is suspended up to a new update. We need to understand this, the decision has related Zimbabwe only and we need to remember that Namibia and South Africa can import in the US the trophy hunting.

In the stone age

Donald Trump Zimbabwe Trophy Hunt
Photo by Gage Skidmore CC licensed

The challenge is to understand if the conservation project of Zimbabwe is good and clear. For us is not good and even about clear we have

many doubts.

Someone say we don’t have a title for to judge how the locals do for to protect wildlife!! I disagree, first because is at least strange to think is necessary to kill one elephant or one lion for to preserve other elephants or lions. If is true is meaning that we are again at the stone age. I can’t believe we are almost ready to colonize Mars ad we are not able to preserve animals without killing them.

I want to remark I’m not against hunting in general but only if is for eating and not protected species, when it is just for the satisfaction of kill an animal is a bad practice.

We think at this moment Zimbabwe have a political crisis and if we had more doubts before this crisis, now we have more. Especially because from many parts arrived the voice about an high-level corruption. And is not possible to control if the money has been used for protection.

The false excuse of conservation

Focus now is coming back to the war from how to consider the hunting good for conservation ( the hunters) and how to consider the hunting at the protected species a crime ( conservationists).

I prefer to suggest both to produce proofs about their own reasons. We need to read the studies from scientists and other authoritative sources. It is necessary to define definitely a common policy and encourage even to use in other countries.

We want to remember that Botswana for example, decided to ban the hunting in his country. The elephant population is prosperous much more than Zambia and South Africa and Zimbabwe.

We think the question is simple. When a country is well managed and the protection program is good and strong the results will be good. And like in Botswana and the benefit will arrive from tourism especially with a better brand.

It is difficult, obviously but is the right way. It is crucial to involve the local populations in the project otherwise, all efforts will be futile.
At this moment I read the news in Cnn site Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has resigned.
I’m happy, in the last years this leader has almost destroyed his country and put the population in total poverty.

Good Luck Zimbabwe

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