Asian Giant Hornet

Asian giant hornet

Asian giant hornet or yak-killer hornet Habitat He doesn’t like the human presence, it prefers to stay in low hills and lowlands forests. Where to find Asian giant hornet is present in many regions of south-east Asia. From the far east of Russia to China, Nepal, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and finally Japan where is more present in the mountains area. Dimensions … Read more

Coyote An Iconic American Animal

Coyote attack

Coyote Where to find Coyote is present in all North-America with extension to central America, Canadian, and Alaskan territories that it happens after the massacre of wolves and puma. Habitat The habitat of the coyote is very diversified. He lives in the arid and semi-arid regions included some deserts.  Anyway, he loves the regions with grasslands because of the presence of many … Read more

A Funny Grizzly Become Christian

Funny brown bear

Jokes of the day A Christian Funny Grizzly An atheist walked through the forests of the Rocky Mountains admiring all the things around him that had created “the coincidence of evolution”. “What wonderful animals!” He said to himself: as he walked along the river, heard a rustle in the bushes behind him. He turned and saw a two-meter grizzly bear … Read more

Chinese Pangolin Critically Endangered


Chinese Pangolin the animal that becomes a ball Where to find: Chinese Pangolin is present in North India, Indochina, and South China. Habitat: It is commonly found in all the kinds of forests and savannas. His habitat depends prevalently from his diet. Chinese pa Dimensions: Chinese Pangolin length is between 65 to 95 cm including the tail. His weight is … Read more

Animals Are So Crazy Sometimes

Funny duck

Jokes of the day A Lazy Labrador A blind man is waiting at a traffic light. Sitting next to him, his superb Labrador. Another guy in front is watching the scene. The traffic light turns green, the dog does not move. Two minutes later, the light turns red, the dog does not move yet. The blind man then takes a … Read more

Jokes Of Animal World

Funny dog

Jokes of the day A hungry lion A lion and a hare sit at a table in a restaurant. the waiter approaches and does a hare: -good day, what do you want? Well … I would like fettuccine with porcini mushrooms and second of the salad. well, does the waiter, and for his friend? anything! does the hare like anything? … Read more

Eastern Brown Snake

Eastern brown snake

Eastern Brown Snake, the second most venomous snake of the world Where to find: The Eastern Brown Snake is an inhabitant of Australia and Papua New Guinea. His areal is limited to these two lands. Habitat: It is easiest to say where they don’t lives. They don’t like to live in wet environments. This snake inhabits all the other habitat. … Read more

Funny Animals In The Presence Of God

Funny pig

Animals Joke of the day Animals’ delegation in paradise The delegation consisting of a giraffe, an elephant and a female ostrich arrives in Paradise and waits to be received. Finally the giraffe enters. God: – “Dear giraffe what drives you here?” “Sir, I feel so ugly estranged with this long neck, it’s really shameful, is not it that you could … Read more

Crazy Shepherds And His Animals

Crazy sheeps

Animals Jokes of the day Suspicious of betrayal A farmer wants to make a joke to one of his hens and secretly subtracts an egg to paint it of all colors. Then he puts it in the middle of the other eggs and starts to spy on the reactions of the hen. This, however, remains completely indifferent. Disappointed, the farmer … Read more

Brown Bear cubs playing with their mom

Bear mom with her cubs

In this short video, we can see a couple of brown bears cubs playing with their mom, like all cubs, are very cute and funny, and they love to play. Usually, the brown bears have two cubs, but it can also have four. When they born are blind and without teeth. Their weight at the birth is between 400 to … Read more