5 wild animals extinct totally or in nature only

5 Animals extinct in nature – will be possible to see them again?

Animals extinct

In the threatened species classification there are 2 different class of extinction: the extinct totally and the extinct in nature. This second class is meaning that there are presents some specimens in captivity.

The difference is big because sometimes with special projects will be possible to reproduce the species and to try to release it in nature again. Don’t think is simple, is looking like mission impossible but the possibility there is.

1) Atlas Lion or Barbary Lion

Barbary Lion

Is thought to extinct in nature from 1942 when the last specimen was killed in Morocco. This lion was endemic to Morocco and they inhabit the Atlas mountain. But the common opinion is that were present from Atlas to Egypt.

The characteristic that made this lion species unique, is the dimension, comparable to the Siberian tiger. The male specimen was around 250/300 kg and 3.5 meters long, an animal majestic and is extinctions is a huge loss. So the Barbary Lion is the biggest cat together with the Siberian tiger.



2) Thylacine or Tasmanian tiger or Tasmanian wolf


ThylacinesIs thought totally extinct from 1936 when the last specimen died in captivity. Is Looking like a dog but in fact, he has not, is marsupial like the kangaroo.

It is not sure the real dimension of  Thylacine, Just it is supposed was about one meter or a little bit longer. The weight has estimated between 20 to 30 kg. Was endemic to Australia and the last specimen died in Tasmania. He is on the list of animals can be cloned because there is a good quantity of genetic material preserved.


3) Caucasian wisent

Caucasian WisentIs thought to extinct in nature from 1927 when the last three specimens were killed by poachers in the Caucasian mountains.

In fact, the only thing clear about him is that he was a sub-species of European Wison.

4) Quagga


Is thought totally extinct from 1883 when the last specimen died in captivity. It is a subspecies of zebra, but for a long time, people thought that was a subspecies of the horse. The quagga was endemic in South Africa and was present just at the south of Orange River.

Actually, there is a project that wants to reproduce the Quagga through the Breeding Back technique. It is a project by Reinhold Rau that means to obtain a species similar to the original. It will be looking like the original but with genetical differences.


5) Western Black Rhinoceros or West Africa Black Rhinoceros

Western Black Rhinoceros

Is a subspecies of Black Rhinoceros and it has declared extinct in 2011. He was an inhabitant of the central and western savanna. And the main country was Cameroon where it was present up to 2006.

Western Black Rhino is extinct because of the poaching. Like black and white Rhino is hunted for the horns. Many stupid people in the world think to have magic property, bat science says there is not any evidence of magic property in the horns. Horns are simply made of the same organic material of the human nails.

So finally we can say that extinction is forever. It is painful to think that will be no more possible to see again this spectacular 5 animals in the future but is it. Only in the case of Barbary Lion, there is a small possibility. I think the project off to reintroduce him in his natural habitat is just a dream, but we don’t lose the hope, sometimes miracles happen.

In the video below shows what the science can do about brought back to life some animals extinct. There are many things need to know and is not really simple to realize.

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