7 Wild Animals That Could Attack You Without Warning

Wild Animals That Could Attack And Kill You

Wild animals are ever danger, but most of the times they notice you before the attack. This is because generally, their instinct is not the attack without reason.

A good example can be the Cobra, this snake, when it feels threatened, rises with its head and bends its neck like a fan. Or even the elephant usually he opens the big ears to make it seem its largest and most threatening size.

Wild animals attack humans just in case they feel a risk for themselves or they have babies.

Anyway, just occasionally, some wild animals can attack humans without warning. Here we are and this is our list of wild animals that can attack you without warning.

7 – Grizzly

Brown Bear

Grizzly is one of the largest plantigrades of the earth. Can weigh up to 650 kg and, when standing up, reach 3 meters in height. A huge animal that even in its medium size is able to kill a man with extreme ease.

Grizzly is strongly attracted to the waste and food of humans. This is due to the fact that many people in their visits to the parks have given food to the bears. It is a wrong practice to do absolutely not with any wild animals.

The Grizzly attracted by the smells of food approaches the tourist encampments and some cases have been registered with deadly attacks. He moves slowly and approaches, catching the unfortunate by surprise. The attack is quick and just a paw to kill a man. Never bring food into tents is the first rule to learn when camping in the presence of dangerous animals.

6 Hippopotamus


The hippopotamus is a clumsy animal with an imposing bulk. It can get to weigh 3 tons and run at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour. It is strongly territorial and does not accept anyone in its vicinity.

The hippopotamus leaves the water to burn the grass around the rivers or pools of water where they live by day. In this situation, they are not particularly dangerous. Just be careful not to get too close and especially not to get in place between him and the water.

But it is precisely in the water that the hippopotamus becomes really aggressive and dangerous. It swims really well and it is very easy for him to swim or even walk on the bottom of rivers and lakes. He approaches slowly and then leaves in a quick and frightening attack.

With teeth that can be as long as 60 centimeters and a jaw that opens at 150 degrees, a bite kills a man in a moment. Better not to approach this cute but aggressive wild animal.

5 Lion

Lion View point
Photo by Magda Ehlers

The lion is the king of the forest. Never a name was ever guessed by a wild animal. He can kill prey much bigger than him, even the elephant on many occasions succumbs when attacked by the lions. It’s a big cat and like all cats, it’s very good at night.

Another thing that is very good at night is hunting. Generally, lions roam peacefully and quietly by scouring the land in case a prey is approached useful to feed. If you approach a territory area of a herd of lions by day but especially at night, the chances of being attacked are high.

Always remember that wild animals do not reason like us humans. They behave instinctively and to a relatively quiet behavior of attention and observation can follow a sudden and deadly attack. A lion when he decides to kill leaves no way out, so it’s better not to offer him the opportunity.

4 Tiger


The tiger also in size is very similar to the lion. It is the largest feline of the earth and dominates the plains and forests of India.

Beautiful and majestic solitary lives and hunting with superfine techniques perfected over millennia of evolution. It can reach 300 kg of weight but maintains the agility of a domestic cat.

She is very skilled in the art of camouflage and loves tending deadly ambushes to her victims. Tiger is an animal that does not like company and therefore happens in its territory could be a fatal mistake.

The important thing to remember is that it leaves no trace of itself and it is difficult to discover its presence. He could ambush you and then kill you or hurt you with a single stroke that is probably the same thing.

3 Leopard


The leopard is a big cat but it is certainly not one of the biggest. An adult male can weigh up to 90 kg but do not be fooled by its relatively small size. He lives alone and is an exceptional hunter. Among its features stands out the ability to climb trees with a gazelle in the mouth.

Therefore it has great strength, so much so that it has been seen to bring over 100-kilogram animals on a tree. The leopard thanks to its reduced size moves silently at night and does not disdain to attack human beings. There are many cases registered but those who know well Africa knows that there are many cases that are not registered. Especially in rural villages in remote areas, leopards sometimes enter houses or huts and attack inhabitants.

There were sensational cases such as the leopard killed in India after he was guilty of 21 fatal attacks in three years. Or the case of the tourist in Namibia scalped by a leopard.

2 Buffalo


The cape buffalo is an animal of imposing size. It can even weigh 9 tons. His nickname “black death” is widely justified and his fame is absolutely not exaggerated.

The second position of our special list of 7 wild animals that could attack you without warning is absolutely deserved. It ‘one of the animals that make more victims every year in Africa and no one in the areas where he lives underestimates the danger’.

Generally grazes in flocks too numerous and in the herd finds its defense from the big predators, in particular, the felines. It is one of the Big Five or one of the 5 most aggressive animals of the savannah. It also shares very closely and especially inhabited areas at night.
The problem is that it does not accept any intruder in its vicinity and attacks anyone who approaches. But there is a characteristic that makes it a unique animal: it does not always attack directly but can make diversions.

There are many cases in which a buffalo noticed the human presence disappears from sight. You are led to think that you have gone away for not having nuisances but you are wrong. It is very likely that you are circling it and when you least expect it will attack you behind.

But relax, the Masai say that if you lie down on the ground covering your head with your hands you have some chance to get away with it! What do you say there is to trust?

1 Rhinoceros

Photo by Frans Van Heerden

The black rhino, he is the top killer, the king of our list of 7 wild animals that could attack without warning. Like the cape buffalo, the lion, the leopard, is part of the “Big Five”.

Unfortunately, it is more and more rare to meet him since his horn is sold at 20/30 thousand dollars per kilo. It weighs a lot but less than the white rhino which can even reach 3 and a half tons. He has a very important handicap: he does not see well.

He sees us so badly that he sometimes confuses the shape of a tree or termite for a person and attacks them. Of course, it makes an impression to see a black rhino cornering a tree but not as long as it takes corniced jeeps.

Sometimes imprudent drivers get too close or clumsily without preparing an escape route and it can happen that the rhino attacks. One thing is certain, this animal that seems to come from the past if it meets you in its vicinity will attack you without warning and the funny thing is that it will not even know who you are.

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