A Crazy Cow and Crazy Farmer

Crazy cow

It is a cow farmer who finds himself with a cow that squints: it annoys him a lot, because his cow does not stop bumping everywhere. So to see if we can do something, he calls the vet. The veterinarian examines him and says:
“I’ll show you how to put your eyes back on your feet. But unfortunately, the correction will only be temporary, and it will repeat the operation each time the cow will start to squint.
Then the veterinary takes a pipe, introduces one end into the cow’s rectum, places his mouth on the other end and blows a good blow! And as if by magic, the cow’s eyes are rectified!
The farmer is happy to see his cow become normal, but it does not last, because before they leave, the cow has started to squint again. The veterinarian tells the breeder to try the technique on his own.
The farmer then takes the tube, reverses the sides and is about to blow when the veterinarian says:
– But what are you doing, Why did you invert the tube?
– Well, not to put my mouth where you put yours!

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This crazy cow want get in but…

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