A funny and very clever dog

Joke of the day

Balto the clever dog

Gerard is about to close the butcher’s shop when a dog comes in with a purse in his mouth.
– Hi, dog! What a beautiful wind brings you? Do you want meat?
-What do you want exactly? A steak?
– What an adorable dog you are! You’re so smart!

GĂ©rard prepares the steak. He takes the bag, takes the money and returns the bag to the dog with the meat in a small bag.
The dog takes the bag and leaves.
Fascinated by the dog’s intelligence, Gerard quickly closes the butcher shop and hurries to follow him to see who he belongs to. The dog enters a building. Sale on the third floor. Then jump to play at a door. A man opens up, angry:

– I do not believe Balto! You’re really stupid!
“But, sir,” Gerard interjected, “do not scold him! He’s the smartest dog I know!
– Is she smart? I hope you’re joking! This is the third time he has forgotten his keys this week.


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