A Poor Funny Pig

Funny pig – On a farm, a poor peasant is starving with his whole family, but he has a treasure! And this treasure is his pig. According to him, this pig is “the most intelligent pig in the world” …
One day, a local newspaper reporter comes to learn that a pig smarter than average lives on a farm in the neighborhood. The journalist takes his car and will realize himself on the spot. When he arrives on the farm, he sees the buildings in ruins, and wonders how, in our time, we can still live like that … Then the farmer comes out of the barracks. Then the journalist asks him:
– Hello ! I am a press reporter and I learned that you have an extraordinary pig.
The poor peasant answers him:
– It is true. Then he hisses a blow between his teeth, and a pig that has only three legs out of the barn.
“It’s him,” said the peasant. The reporter sees the pig and asks:
– And what makes you say he’s the smartest pig in the world? The farmer answers:
– Last winter, I was outside repairing fences and my wife was in town selling cheese. Our little baby was upstairs, in the house, sleeping in his cradle … When a fire ignited the house (my wife had forgotten his iron on the linen). At that moment, the pig ran into the house, climbed the stairs, grabbed the baby by taking his arm in his jaw, without hurting him, then he came back down and laid the baby on the ground, at the away from the flames. Then he went to get me in the meadow and I was able to extinguish the fire before there was too much damage.
– Wow, said the reporter, it’s amazing.
– And that’s not all ! One day when I was working the land in the field next door, the harrow was full of dirt and grass. So I put the tractor in neutral, went down and started cleaning under the portcullis. But the speed of the tractor was engaged alone and I was overthrown by the harrow and driven by the team. I thought I was a dead man … But the pig must have felt that something was happening: he went to get a rope, caught the tractor and the harrow, left me a piece of rope, and pulled with all his might at the other end. It’s thanks to him if I’m still here today.
– It’s really extraordinary, the reporter answers. But, tell me, how is it that he has only three legs?
– Ben, when you have a pig as good and smart, you can not eat it all of a sudden …

This is just a joke, don’t eat the animals please! Respect the nature.

A funny pig video very hilariuous

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