Alaska the land of bears and ices

Alaska the land of bears and ices

Alaska flag


United States Of America



Official Language

English 86% native and other languages 14%


1.717.000 km q




0.43 ab/kmq

Capital city


Largest city



The Alaska climate is cold, everywhere you go is cold, just near the south coast is a little bit better, but normaly in January a range between -15 and -40 degree.


Economy of Alaska include natural gas and crude petroleum , fishing and tourism. Other resource are the gold and coal.


There is not important safety recommendation, just remember to be prudent, you are in another country and another culture, so you need to respect that culture.
most important event in Alaska is definitively the Idita Road, the more famous sled dog competition. It start in Anchorage and ending in Nome village after 1.600 kilometers, here the story of Idita Road


Christian included catholic are the 62% of population, while the agnostic atheist and without religion are the 32%, the remaining percentage is very fragmented other ideas.

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A part of Alaska is beyond the Arctic Circle, this meaning that climate in that regions is very strong, -40 degrees is normal and in remote places can arrive over -50. If you decide to visit Alaska in the winter, from October to march but sometime even May, is better you considerate to ask the best suggestions from locals, because if you will go in the south coast will be very different than to go in the Arctic and different must to be the equipment necessary. Can be very danger to approach -50 degrees without the correct equipment.
If you are asking why to go in winter if there is this whether condition, is simple, in the winter you can see the best sunsets and specially the northern lights are amazing, the coldest and clear nights will give you the best opportunity for to observe the northern lights.
Alaskan people need to fight every winter against the Cabin Fever, the winter is cold, dark and solitary, if you will be passive is probably you will be affect by Seasonal Affective Disorder.

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If you plan to stay long term in the region in winter, is better you provide to study some activities, that will keep you occupied and the mind will remain stable.
Specially in rural and remote places, the inhabits love to drink alcoholic, and they drink a lot, the drinking joined to the severe winter conditions create the condition for mental problems, is not a small issue, the number of suicide is too high and so the Govern was been constrict to forbidden alcohol in some villages.
Better will be if you join to locals in the winter activities like the ice skating or whether sledding.
If you think to rent a car is better to take a good lesson how to maintain a car in Alaskan winter, or you will rent a block of ice.
If you rent a house check if there is the correct warming system, if is not enough warm you will have many issues.
A not exhaustive list of land and marine mammals.
Brown bear, lynx, gray wolf, arctic fox, elk, reindeer, musk ox, Black bear, moose, polar bear, Kodiak bear, bison, Coyote and wolverine. ringed seal, harbor porpoise, ribbon seal, harbor seal, north pacific right whale, bowhead whale, blue whale, fin whale, elephant seal, northern fur seal, gray whale, sperm whale, humpback whale, beluga whale, killer whale and many more, watch the complete list of  Alaska fauna here in the official Alaska Site.[wp_bannerize group=”inarticle”]

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