Alaska Polar Bears And Wildlife Tourism

Alaska Polar Bears And Wildlife Tourism

ABC News television has released a video on Youtube about a strange effect of global warming. In the extremely remote village of Kaktovik tourist are coming for watching polar bears.

Polar bears cubsThe global warming has increased the time without ice on the sea of the region. An inhabitant says the time was about two weeks but now is about two or three months.

Polar bear needs the ice because is the natural environment where they can hunt and survive without big problems. Now in ice absence, the bears come to inland and consequently close to humans. It is a dangerous situation, the polar bear is not a domestic dog and can kill a man in seconds. He is a very big animal, when he stands up on back legs can be more than 3 mt tall.

This evident effect of the global warming is becoming dramatic in all the extreme regions. Alaska like Siberia has a big part of the territory inside the Arctic Circle. There are many villages and many of this is very small.

One of this village is Kaktovik, located in the Beaufort Sea at the extreme northeast of Alaska. It is not very far from the Alaska Canada bordering.

It is significant what a fisherman say. ” they don’t come here because of the bones or the remain of the whales that we catch. They are coming because their habitat is gone away. The world should be interested in this.”

He said even the human population of the land is decreasing. In the last 10 years from 1200 to 900 people.

Polar Bears And Wildlife Tourism

polar bearAs consequence of this bad environmental situation, there is the increase of tourism. Yes you understand well, it is very strange but now is possible to go not very far from the animals. Photographers and even simple tourists they go to look the polar bears.

It is an operation that must do with great attention. The polar bear is speedy he can run up to 50km/h, it will be not simple for you to do the same!! Obviously there are the cars, but in any case, it is not possible to stay far from it.

So now you have a new opportunity to meet the famous in the world, the polar bear. But please don’t make the hero, ask for a good local guide and you will take your beautiful pictures.



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