Alex Hannold Freerider Free Solo

Alex Hannold Freerider Free Solo – Climbing Without Compromise

Alex Hannold Freerider Free Solo Without Compromise

In 2017 a Californian guy aged 32, marks a new level of free solo climbing. He is Alex Hannold and is already known us one of the best free solo interpreters. Anyway nobody thought what he did was possible without an incredible risk.

What the free solo is

Technically is the climbing without any help or protection. Just you and the rock, your body your mind. This is the highest level of climbing, the more danger but even the most satisfying. In the free solo climbing, the mind must be totally free.

Any climbers know that when you climb the relationship between you and the rock is something intimate. In the free solo is very important to climb comfortably. The other important thing is your climbing level.

It is a good idea in free climbing to maintain a level lower of you potential level. This is more important when you transfer your action to big walls and especially if your action is free solo.

Free solo is the biggest adventure you can have on the mountain. Nothing is comparable and the sensations not possible to explain.

Sometimes people think who climb free solo is foolish. But is not true, the risk is very hight but you can maintain under control. You need to recognize your comfort zone and climb in that.

This is what makes Alex Hannold different from other free solo climbers, his comfort zone is very high.

In the video below Alex talk about himself.. don’t lose this video

What is Freerider

It is a route in the El Capitan wall. In fact, it is a diversion of the Salathe’ Wall route. Where the Salathe’ Wall has the key steps it is diverts left and maintain the grade to 5.12d instead of the 5.13c of The Headwall.

Freerider is 35 pitches long and the wall is almost 1000 mt high. The site Supertopo report in 4 days the time necessary for to climb Freerider with ropes. There is even the topo of the route and other info.

Alex Hannold Freerider

What moves a climber to dream something apparently impossible is a mystery.  But one thing is clear, he prepares his dreamed achievement very well. This is a fact common to all the ‘soloers’. The same has been for Alex Hannold Freerider achievement.

He arrives at Freerider after many free solo climbing at the high level. The climbing has prepared in the minimum particulars.

The height of the wall is impressive but is not a problem when you climb in free solo. If you fall down from 50 meters or 1000 meters high is the same, you will die. And nobody wants to die. They are athletes well prepared and is his life to climb.

The meaning of Alex Hannold achievement

The think has left without words all the climbers’ community has been the length of the psychophysical effort.

He has realized his dream in almost 5 hours. Five hours where mind and body are constantly concentrated.  The problem for everyone is to maintain the self-control when you arrive at the key steps. After hours climbing is not simple to keep calm and overcome the hard passage, not at this level of difficulty.

So what is meaning the Alex Hannold Freerider achievement? simply he demonstrates ‘Is Possible’. It is something ( but not the same) like the first eight-thousanders without oxygen by Herman Buhl in 1956. Or Reinhold Messner when demonstrate was possible to climb Everest without oxygen.

He demonstrates that there is a new limit and is possible to reach it and maybe overcome.

Great Alex

In the video below Alex Hannold talk about his free solo. Long interview but suggested.

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