Tanzania safari tours and mount Kilimanjaro


About Tanzania safari tours Tanzania safari tours are the unparalleled experiences in East Africa. Tanzania is very wild, the massive tourism touches only a small part of this East Africa country. National parks are in different zones, with a Tanzania safari tour you can see the Africa safari top destination. Tanzania … Read more

Simone Moro coldest place adventure

Yakutia, Russia

Simone Moro & Tamara Lunger, a new adventure in the coldest inhabited place of the earth. Simone Moro is an Italian climber famous because of his attitude to climb very difficult mountains in the winter season. In the last years, he concentrates his challenges on the winter climbing of Himalayan … Read more

Stop Trophy Hunting in British Columbia


Stop Trophy Hunting in British Columbia Who like us work daily for to promote the safeguarding of wildlife and environment, is normally sad, every day we are sad, we work with hundreds of abuse, we reach continuously bad news about conservation and our loved animals and ecosystems. Is something doesn’t … Read more

Father Frost arrived in Oymyakon the coldest village in the earth

Father Frost Russia

Father Frost arrived in Oymyakon the coldest village in the earth.

Even this year Father Frost arrived in Oymyakon ( Russia )for the joy of the children who were able to visit his ice cave. Then Father Frost lit the Christmas tree as usual.

Where is Oymyakon

Oymyakon is a lost village in the east of the Yakutia region. This place is very special, is one of the coldest places on the earth. Normally in January, the temperature is -50 degrees with a record registered of -67.7 in 1933.

Who is Father Frost

Father Frost is a traditional equivalent of Father Christmas but they are different. Father Frost at the beginning was a wizard and is like a mythological figure and he has the power to freeze the people. His residence is considerate in Veliky Ustyug,

Famous is a fable where is possible to recognize is frost powerful:

Once there was a woman who had both a daughter of her own, whom she loved and a step-daughter, whom she hated. One day, the woman ordered her husband to take her stepdaughter out into the winter fields and leave her there to die, and he obeys.

Morozko finds her there, she is polite and kind to him, so he gives her a chest full of beautiful things and fine garments. After a while, her stepmother sends her father to bring back the girl’s body to be buried, which he also obeys. After a while, the family dog says that the girl is coming back and that she is beautiful and happy.

When the stepmother sees what her stepdaughter has brought back, she orders her husband to take her own daughter out into the fields. Unlike before, this child is rude to Morozko, and he freezes her to death.

When her husband goes out to bring her back, the dog says that she will be buried. When the father brings back the body, the old woman weeps.

The day when children find the presents is New Year day

IUCN and red list of threatened species

IUCN Red List

IUCN and red list of threatened species

Today we want to write about a very important organization for the conservation of wildlife, I the IUCN the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and red list of threatened species. This organization’s mission is “Influence, encourage and assist societies throughout the world to conserve the integrity and diversity of nature and to ensure that any use of natural resources is equitable and ecologically sustainable “.

IUCN and red list structureI want to invite you to visit their site here, you can understand the incredible activity of IUCN. So why I decided to write this post? simply it is because is the organization who manages the Red List Of Threatened Species. It is the database who contains all the information about wild animals, and especially information about the conservation status. You can see an use in the Red List site if you search for example “ wild dog” you can see at the beginning the information about conservation and you can see even all other information. From now, even in our site, you will see next posts about animals with the Red List classification, with the image below.

The important feature is the classification, they use 7 different levels, starting from Least Concern up to totally Extinct. If you try to use you can see a lot of information about the animal so you can understand the method used for classification. Is very important because the approach is scientific and the data is real and a very reliable source. This data is also used in environmental projects for example when you need to decide sometimes priorities of an interview. So, we recommend when you take information about some animals to check even the IUCN classification, actually, there are many species at extinction risk and is necessary the help of everyone for the better results. You can help with a donation or you can use some of your time in the activism like in social network, helping people to understand the concern the dangerous situation of our beautiful earth.

Last recommendation is to remember that wild animals first enemy is the humans and mostly time the human/wildlife conflict in determining the surviving of wildlife, so is necessary to help the communities to have the correct approach with the animals without criminalizing them. Who live with almost nothing can’t have the mental approach of conservation, need to be helped in this and is strong, long and very stressful.

Whale songs

A special clip where we can listen the whale songs, simply fantastic don’t lose Credits: The Oceania Project