BBC Living with Nomads 2/3 Siberia

Nomads of Siberia

The second part of the BBC documentary dedicated to nomads people. Siberia is one of wildest place in the world, and it is truly wild.

The Siberian nomads are the biggest example that human gender is the most adaptable species in the animal kingdom. Survive for so long periods in tents made with animal skin when outside the temperature is -40 degrees is absolutely amazing.

Their subsistence is directly connected to the annual reindeer migration.  So the tribe has to follow the reindeer herds along the tundra even inside the Polar artic circle.

Despite the difficulties, the reindeer herding in the tundra has been practiced by the natives for over 10 000 years. And it is the primary source of livelihood of this small population. The remaining part of people is employed in the mining or energetic industries.

The growth of these industries has led to the birth of entire cities, so now Siberia is a land more populated than in past centuries.

In recent years the nomadic tribes of Siberia have their life a little bit better because the interaction even if sporadic with the civilization determined some advantage. For example the access to medicine. However, they remain one of the wildest tribe of the earth and their lifestyle can be a help for us to understand that is possible again to live in harmony with nature.

Siberian industries matters

The documentary talks even about the problem caused by a big oil company to wildlife. In the 20th century, the Russian govern built the Trans-Siberian railway and early discover the huge quantity of mineral resources. Consequently, start the industrialization of the area. It is the end of the pace for wildlife.

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