Big Five Africa tradition and marketing

The big five in Africa

The term “big five” is used in all the Africa of the parks and is meaning the five animals more aggressive . The origin is from colonial age, where the first safari hunters called big five, the five animals more aggressive and so more difficult to hunt.
Actually the term big five have large use in the photographic safari marketing, safari company use this term for to specify that their programs includes the sigh of this animals. In fact to go in Africa for example in Serengeti or Amboseli and don’t go to see the elephant is a heresy. We don’t want to say the big five only deserve to be seen but they need to be included in the program.
So when you will ask for safari quotation don’t forget to ask the possibility to see the big five. Don’t pretend the warranty of viewing because nobody can give you, is wildlife, but ask all information. To see all the big five, over the necessary lucky is necessary time, so if go to visit a park and you will stay one day is almost impossible you will all the big five. But if you stay one week, you have a good safari guide and you are sure the big five are present, the probability of to see they is very high.

So which animals are the big five?

Big five – Lion


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The king of the forest is absolutely one of the big five, is strong, aggressive, powerful. He live in pride where male love don’t do anything and wait the food from the female hunting. Is a real king, he dominate the pride up to some other male arrive and dominate him. But is even unlucky, In the tradition of Masai tribe the lion is the only animal can be compared with they in brave in power and fighting so what the tribe did, when the boys are already for to be considerate adult they must to have an exam, they need to go in savanna alone and then they must to kill an adult male lion and they need to come back at the village with the lion’s head.

A lot of lions dead for this tradition and just a small number of Masai because the human can be wild but not stupid, the hunting is not by fair means, the young Masai use spear, knife, bow and arrows and they are supported by her friends. Fortunately the time pass and the generations of Masai even, so now remain only in remote rural areas this tradition while in all other areas the killing is substitute with the study of the Masai tradition.  Read More of lion

Big five – Leopard

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Another beautiful big cat, his mantle is the dream of a lot of people which think is nice dressing the animals skin. So for many years it was hunted for the skin, even now is it but now at least there are protection projects and anti poaching units that work for to protect wildlife, actually is classified in the IUCN red list Vulnerable.

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Big five – Buffalo

African Buffalo

Is big, a mountain of muscles, can be one ton, he don’t like humans, if he meet you he will attack. He have a nickname is Black Death, when he watch you in his eyes you can read what he think and is not nice. But buffalo is even intelligent so is not trust in the his power he prefer to trust in the power of herd, when lion attack, mostly time the other elements of the herd, they help him and for lion is a strong moment. Buffalo with hippo and Nile crocodile is the big human killer .

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Big five – Rhino


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Rhinoceros in the big five list, is divided in the two subspecies black rhinoceros and white rhinoceros , the white one is again subdivided in Southern and Northern, is considerate in the red list not threatened. The black one instead is in a very bad situation, is classification is Critically endangered. Solitary and big but very very aggressive, he don’t see well so mostly time he attack something with non sense like a anthill.

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Big five – Elephant

big five Elephants

Is the biggest mammal in the mainland, like a buffalo he like to graze in savanna and stay in large herds where the female can protect and breed the calves. Is silent he move slowly and no sound is produced from his paws, is amazing for an animal of 6 tons, but when he remove some grass from the ground uou hear him a lot and even when he destroy the trees for to eat.
Even elephant is unlucky, he have two tusks in ivory and again our Chinese friend like to use for to produce traditional objects, non only China use Ivory, even other countries buy ivory, but the major is China.
African elephant is actually considerate Vulnerable so he need all our help for to remain an icon of Africa continent.

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