How To Choose The Outdoor Tent

Tent in the night

Outdoor tents Outdoor tent in one of the biggest doubts that come up when planning a trek or a multi-day nature trip. We would like the tent light to carry but at the same time very resistant to water and wind. And that maybe it costs very little. The outdoor … Read more

What To Do When You Meet a Bear

Bear Attack

Wild animals and their behavior What to do when you meet a bear? Let’s start by saying that all wild animals have one characteristic in common; an area around them that they consider inviolable. So know that when you meet a bear, if you enter this area, the animal attacks … Read more

hiking, the best way to discover nature

Hiking in nature with snowed mountains

Introduction to hiking Hiking is the activity of excursions carried out systematically both in the mountains (where it is a minor form of mountaineering) and elsewhere, with a tourist character, for recreational purposes, or to promote physical and cultural development. Whether you are in Yellowstone park, in the African savannah … Read more

The Hiking boots choice

Hiking boots

The goal of hiking boots Hiking boots choice must to start with some consideration: feet are the connection of our body with the ground. They are probably the most complex joint, and they support the total weight of the body during walking. So, if you choose an incorrect shoe and … Read more

Trekking Clothes

trekking with tent and family

When you have the plan of your trekking you can understand which clothes are needed. Usually, the trekking is more days long. Any day represents a stage and any stage is different, as different is the weather that you will find. So, in more days long trekking you have to … Read more