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Walter Bonatti on the summit of Gasherbrum IV

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yellowstone pack

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The Great Migration Of Wildebeests Tanzania

the great migration crossing river

The Great Migration Of Wildebeests In Tanzania

The Great Migration.

What is the Great Migration of wildebeests?

The great migration In this post, we will see better what is the Great Migration of Wildebeests.
Meanwhile, we begin by saying that Great Migration does not only belong to the Serengeti but also to the entire Serengeti-Masai Mara-Ngorongoro Ecosystem.

A very large area that affects an unprecedented number of between 1.5 and 2 million animals. Of which no less than three hundred thousand are gazelles and especially zebras.

Sometimes it is imagined of a large compact herd that moves. In fact, it is not so, many small herds that can contain as many as eighty heads but the vast majority is much smaller.

These herds travel together and occupy the same territories. Then they move slowly forming sifting columns of animals that give the landscape a really unusual appearance. However, especially in the period of the birth of the little ones, the herds are less divided and form gathering at eye loss.

Start of the Great Migration

We said of the birth of the Wildebeests which is the baseline for the survival of the herd. They are born almost altogether in a period of 15/20 days which is generally in February and are about 500,000 calves.

There is no time to waste, the little ones born in a few minutes have to stand and move independently and within two-three days they have to run fast. Their survival depends only on this.

The atavistic instinct leads the mothers to give birth to altogether. At least eighty percent of the babies are born in these 2 or 3 weeks. This strategy makes predatory raptors, such as lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, and wild dogs fail to affect the size of the herd. In this way succeeds in maintaining a balance between the number of born and surviving animals and the number of dead animals during the year.

Move from Lake Ndutu area

The life of the Wildebeests is an eternal journey in eternal migration. The birth of the Wildebeests has a precise place where it is held and are around the lake Ndutu in the south of the Serengeti.

When the little ones are born the savannah grass is now completely eaten in the area. The lack of rain makes it necessary to move the herd that begins its slow ascent to the north.

Towards May we find the herds near and around the Western Corridor, where they will cross the Grumeti River.

From Serengeti to Masai Mara

After the Grumeti area, most of them slowly move to Kenya. They will cross the Mara River. In June you can see the first Mara crossing, but there is no fixed rule. In recent years it has arrived even at the ending of July.

However, once in Kenya, the animals spread to a vast area that goes far beyond the Masai Mara boundaries. Long times ago it reached Narok city about sixty miles from Masai Mara National Reserve.

It is time to go back

Since the end of August, the movements carry the herds to gather again near the Mara River. In the spreading order begins the river crossing to return to the Serengeti.

The crossing of the Mara River is certainly to be considered the most spectacular and cruel moment of the Great Migration. The divided herds approaching the river attracted by an irresistible instinct.
One sees clearly observing them in their approach who are aware of being in front of great danger.
Often they spend hours if not days before the herd decides to dive into the river.

The Mara River is infested with Nile crocodiles waiting to attack their prey. For Mara crocodile, the migration is a real fortune, so much food with little effort.
But is not finish, on the opposite shore, there will certainly be a few lions pending. In particular of some wounded or exhausted animal from the crossing.

Go back to Tanzania

Finally, they are back in Tanzania and the Great Migration goes south but this time on the side of Ngorongoro and Ngorongoro Conservation Area.
So, slowly with the African rhythms will find in January- February to give birth to the newborns in the south of Serengeti, where the cycle repeats itself.

Official site of the National Parks Authority Tanapa

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Paul Watson

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Climate change strike

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Sled Dog Iditarod

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Jerzy Kukuczka in Hindukush region

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Black Mamba Vs Mongoose

black mamba vs mongoose

Black Mamba Vs Mongoose

Black Mamba Vs Mongoose

He is considerate the more danger snack in the earth, is true?

No, it is not, but absolutely he is one of the more dangerous of the planet earth. He has two characteristics which determine this fame. The first is his deadly attack, quick and repeated, can bite up to 12 times consecutively with impressive rapidity. The second reason is the toxicity of his poison.

The poison

The black mamba poison is a very powerful neurotoxin that is injected in large quantities. And in any case, much more than needed to kill a man is not very dense and circulates very quickly. Many people have asked me if it is possible to survive the black mamba’s bite. It depends simply on how far you are away from an antidote center.

If you can be transported or get it to you in a matter of minutes your chances are good, but if you are far away I’m sorry for you but it’s your last few minutes of life.

So why you say is not the more dangerous?

The Black Mamba, however, does not usually hunt man and the attacks that occur are generally due to the inattentiveness of the unfortunate.

Mamba hunting birds, mice, and generally small mammals. He spends a lot of time on trees hunting birds, its size is remarkable and can reach 4 meters in length.

Mamba, as practically all the wild animals, when you meet him tells you that you are doing something wrong. He stands up in front of you and opens his mouth showing his black image of death.

Back calmly without panic and then go to a safe place. Remember that it is the fastest snake of the earth and reaches 20 km per hour. It is not even so common to find, so even the accidental encounter is not common.

Suggestions: If you are in Savannah or other remote areas of Africa, wear shoes and proper clothes, do not walk with the slippers in the savannah because the Masai do it, mamba is just one of the hundreds of dangers that hide the African savannah and you are not Masai.

Black Mamba is considered Least Concern on the IUCN Red List

His competitor

Mamba has a natural enemy, the mongoose, she is the only animal with more speed than him in the attack.

Mongoose the mamba nightmare

Mongoose is a carnivore, his body can be long from 25 up to 60 cm. 34 different species of Mongoose exist, divided from Asia and Africa. She is a social animal, she lives in groups sometimes even big, and they move all day.

Sometimes can arrive to move up 9 km in one single day but usually very less. We can say is normal to move around three or four km per day. But why the mongoose move a lot? The reason is the continues food research. Her preferred prey is the snack but she likes even rat and other small animals. So is very important the mongoose presence for the ecosystem balancing.

The mortal attack of mongoose

The mongoose when attack cobra or mambas use the movement strategy joined to speedy biting. With movement, she confuses the snake by turning around with quick change gears. Then she attacks with super speed and bit the snack on the head, the attack is never long usually one or two minutes.

Did you know? Mongoose in Africa often shares the den with hyenas and warthog, not at the same time but when a den is abandoned from Hyena usually will be occupied from mongoose or warthog.

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