Antarctica Emperor Pinguins

Antarctica, without a global vision no future remain!   The obstructionism of 3 of the 25 member countries of the commission prevented the birth of the biggest marine protected area of the world.   This is a bad moment for the movements that are fighting for the creation of aRead More →


Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Finalists 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is an award born with the finality to help wildlife. This year the finalists are 41 from many countries of the world. It is the third year and the competition is growing. Finality is to help wildlife through conservation. InRead More →

Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation for Nepal Tigers The project When people with a good project and firm intentions join together the results can be only good. This is the case of the Nepal tiger project. From 2010 Leonardo di Caprio Foundation had financed the Nepal Govern project for the safeguarding ofRead More →

Cecil the lion

World Lion Day World Lion Day 2018 This gallery of lions pictures is by Wild Animals In Wild Lands and is dedicated to all lions friends. Part of the lions in the pics are no more alive. We saw the birth and even sometimes the death of this lions. Sometimes dead because ofRead More →

Lions of Tanzania

Lions of Tanzania The lions of Tanzania Lions of Tanzania, the first time I had the opportunity to do a campsite experience in the Serengeti was many years ago, we were totally inexperienced with wildlife. First time in Savannah It was our first experience and our guide even though it was skillfulRead More →

Yerupaja Cordillera Huayhuash Peru

Trekking Peru Cordillera Huayhuash Trekking Peru Cordillera Huayhuash is probably the best South Americas’ trekking. It is even one of the best worldwide. Trekking Peru Cordillera Huayhuash is good for everyone but with some recommendations. First of all the altitude must be kept in high consideration. The development of the routeRead More →

Funny animals fishing in Alaska

Funny animals fishing Funny animals fishing Who has never dreamed of going to fish salmons in Alaska? It is a dream of many world’s fishermen, but are you sure this is a very safe sport? Watching this funny animals fishing video it appears not very safe or at least richRead More →

Indochinese tiger

Indochinese Tiger population is growing Indochinese Tiger population is growing The discovery A few months ago, on the BBC website, a very nice article about Indochinese tiger was published. The article talks about the discovery of a new population of Thai tigers a rare species considered high-risk. The discovery took place duringRead More →

Black Mamba

Black Mamba Vs Mongoose Black Mamba Vs Mongoose He is considerate the more danger snack in the earth, is true? No, it is not, but absolutely he is one of the more dangerous of the planet earth. He has two characteristics which determine this fame. The first is his deadly attack,Read More →

Roald Amundsen

Roald Amundsen an explorer, a man. Roald Amundsen There is a man that you can find in the storybooks, that more than others he marked my fantasy when I was a boy. This man is Roald Amundsen, the first man conquest the south pole. But Amundsen is much more than aRead More →

Zimbabwe Trophy hunt in Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Trophy hunt in the last days a Trump’s administration decision has inflamed the debate about trophy hunting. Trump’s administrations have removed the stop at the importing in the US from Zimbabwe trophy hunt. In the same day protests by the animalist and conservationists allRead More →

Reinhold Messner

Reinhold Messner Everest Without Oxygen 40 Years ago Reinhold Messner Everest Without Oxygen 8 March 1978, Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler reach the summit of Everest without oxygen. It is the first time that a man arrives at that altitude without oxygen. The challenge of the impossible challenges Messner is an Italian visionaryRead More →

The murder of the impossible

The Murder of the Impossible The murder of the impossible In 1968 in Italy is published by Monthly Magazine ( rivista del CAI) an article wrote by a young Reinhold Messner. In this article, Messner accuses some climber of the murder of the impossible. The article will become early a milestone ofRead More →

Jerzy Kukuczka

It is 24 October 1989, Jerzy Kukuczka dies climbing the south face of Lhotse. Jerzy Kukuczka The news making the round of the world, the man considered to be the only one capable of competing with Reinhold Messner end his life trying to reach the Lhotse summit through the southRead More →

Top 50 Wildlife Blog

Wild Animals In Wild Lands Top 50 Wildlife Blogs Wild Animals In Wild Lands is growing and is into Top 50 Wildlife Blogs The beginning When we had started our adventure, some months ago, we knew it is a very hard job. Day by day we try to build a robust internetRead More →

Barbary lion

5 Animals extinct in nature – will be possible to see them again? Animals extinct In the threatened species classification there are 2 different class of extinction: the extinct totally and the extinct in nature. This second class is meaning that there are presents some specimens in captivity. The differenceRead More →

The Killer Whale The Orca or Killer Whale is a marine mammal that belongs to the dolphin family. The Orca is an extraordinary animal. A perfect killer and he is one of the animals at the top of the food chain, as it has no natural predators. Adult males canRead More →

The Elephants’ Mama Today we are very sad to read a very bad news. Wildlife lovers and all the conservationist world cries the death of Dame Daphne Sheldrick. In Kenya, she was an institution. She was the founder of  David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. She works at the project started by her husband theRead More →

Kenya Great Migration In Masai Mara Kenya Great Migration We spoke in a previous post about the Great Migration. But in that post, we explain the migration in general. And we had illustrated the long process from the birth of wildebeests to Kenya and return to Serengeti. Like we have told,Read More →

The big five in Africa The term “big five” is meaning the five animals more aggressive. The origin is from colonial age, where the first safari hunters called big five. They are the five animals more aggressive and so more difficult to hunt. Actually, the term big five have largeRead More →

Kayaking meet orcas whales and dolphins Meet orcas This is a tribute to Nathan Pettigrew, a man who like Kayaking in New Zealand. Like you can read on his Youtube channel, he loves the wild marine animals and the interaction with them in respect of the wildlife interaction rules. We loveRead More →

Ivory Ban - elephant Masai Mara

Ivory Ban UK Take A Great Action Ivory ban, from the UK, is arriving the biggest strictly law ever. After years where politician discuss and at the same time poachers kill 55 African elephants per day, is arriving the final law. As reported in this article, this is a winning ofRead More →

Sudan The Last White Northern Rhinoceros Is Gone Sudan The Last White Northern Rhinoceros When endangered wild animals die usually is a bad news. But when to die is the last specimens of one species the pain become big.  The indignation all around the world has been big. And not only in theRead More →

Polar bear mom with cubs

Alaska Polar Bears And Wildlife Tourism ABC News television has released a video on Youtube about a strange effect of global warming. In the extremely remote village of Kaktovik tourist are coming for watching polar bears. The global warming has increased the time without ice on the sea of the region. AnRead More →

Cecil the lion

Cecil The Lion – is died after many hours of agony Cecil the lion dies after many hours of agony and was a choice of his killer. A new book The new is so strong, as so was strong was the Cecile the lion death. In an article in National Geographic by WildlifeRead More →

World Wildlife Day 2018

World Wildlife Day 2018 Big cats: predators under threat World Wildlife Day 2018 – Today is the 3rd March, and it is the World Wildlife Day. This day is promoted by the United Nations, probably will become a very important date. And what we hope so, never like now it was clear theRead More →

Denis Urubko - Denis Urubko is Gone

Denis Urubko is gone from K2 winter expedition Denis Urubko Is gone The official communicate According to the communicate below, Denis Urubko is gone from the expedition. It is the worse possible situation for the expedition. Denis Urubko, according to his convictions regarding the end of the winter season, decided toRead More →

Denis Urubko K2

Denis Urubko stops his solo attempt Denis Urubko stops his only attempt. Situation Denis Urubko is a Camp 2, as reported in a short communicate by Krzysztof Wielecki. Denis Urubko is coming down from the wall. He’s actually at Camp 2. Probably because of the condition of the mountain andRead More →

K2 Polish Winter Expedition tent

Denis Urubko Solo K2 Polish expedition K2 Denis Urubko Denis Urubko solo. As announced yesterday in the previous article, Denis Urubko has started his solo k2 summit attempt. He started without GPS and radio, a warrior without defense weapons. Consequently, there is no news about him and is not possible toRead More →