Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2020

Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2020

Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2020 In this pandemic period in which we were forced into the house, we perhaps realized the importance of our pets, not only wild animals therefore in our blog, but from now on we begin to give space also to pets, which basically a some savages … Read more

Comedy wildlife photography awards 2020

comedy wildlife photography awards 2020 Antony Bucci

Comedy wildlife photography awards 2020 It is a year that we will not easily forget, not only for the immense damage that this pandemic is causing worldwide, but also because we realized that its origin is linked to environmental degradation and the misuse that we are making of resources. of … Read more

What the tourism market will look like in 2020

Our new tourism listing home page

Tourism international market The growth of international tourism International tourism is going through a decisive, constant and long-term growth trend. This evidence has already been in place since 1980 and it is expected that growth will be sustained also in the next twenty years. Considering the flows that have taken … Read more

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Winning Image - Sarah Skinner Grab life by the...

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, as a tradition since 2017, have been awarded. The 2019 edition of this prestigious photographic competition was won by British photographer Sarah Skinner. His photo entitled “Grab life by the …..” won first place not only as an “overall winner” but … Read more

Greta Thunberg And The Climate Change

Greta Thunberg Climate Change

Greta Thunberg – the new activism symbol Climate change and clichés It is also thanks to Greta Thunberg if is now clear that climate change is a severe problem; and that is afflicting our planet. But what is it, and what is meant by climate change? Let’s start with a … Read more

Walter Bonatti The King Of Alps

Walter Bonatti on the summit of Gasherbrum IV

Walter Bonatti represents today, more than sixty years after his great achievements, an example to follow. Anyone approaching the world of mountaineering today would do well to know its history. It demonstrates what moral values, what strength and what skills one must have to be a world-class mountaineer. Walter Bonatti … Read more

Discover the Yellowstone wolves

yellowstone pack

Discover Yellowstone gray wolves The Yellowstone wolves general information Yellowstone wolves are the most famous wolves packs in the world. They live in the Yellowstone National Park, and his history is fascinating. Wolf is the animal more studied in the wildlife. Anyway, we know just a small part of his … Read more

The Great Migration Of Wildebeests Tanzania

the great migration crossing river

The Great Migration Of Wildebeests In Tanzania The Great Migration. What is the Great Migration of wildebeests? In this post, we will see better what is the Great Migration of Wildebeests. Meanwhile, we begin by saying that Great Migration does not only belong to the Serengeti but also to the entire … Read more

Ecology the three laws by Paul Watson

Paul Watson

Exclusive interview to Captain Paul Watson founder and president of Sea Shepherd by Stella McCartney The three laws of ecology I want to introduce today a significant person in the safeguarding of the environment: Captain Paul Watson. For who don’t know him, it was the co-founder of Greenpeace and founder of … Read more

Climate Change Environmental Politics

Climate change strike

Climate Change And Environmental Politics The drought in Africa has always been a problem. In recent years climate change has forced us to observe the phenomenon. Are increasing in some areas. Certainly, it is not a novelty but it is a strong signal. We need to change direction early. Will … Read more