World Wildlife Day 2018 Big Cats: Predators Under Threat

World Wildlife Day 2018

World Wildlife Day 2018 Big cats: predators under threat World Wildlife Day 2018 – Today is the 3rd March, and it is the World Wildlife Day. This day is promoted by the United Nations, probably will become a very important date. And what we hope so, never like now it was clear the … Read more

Denis Urubko Is Gone From Expedition

Denis Urubko

Denis Urubko is gone from K2 winter expedition Denis Urubko Is gone The official communicate According to the communicate below, Denis Urubko is gone from the expedition. It is the worse possible situation for the expedition. Denis Urubko, according to his convictions regarding the end of the winter season, decided to … Read more

Denis Urubko Stops His Solo Attempt

Denis Urubko

Denis Urubko stops his solo attempt Denis Urubko stops his only attempt. Situation Denis Urubko is a Camp 2, as reported in a short communicate by Krzysztof Wielecki. Denis Urubko is coming down from the wall. He’s actually at Camp 2. Probably because of the condition of the mountain and … Read more

Denis Urubko Solo K2 Polish expedition

Denis Urubko

Denis Urubko Solo K2 Polish expedition K2 Denis Urubko Denis Urubko solo. As announced yesterday in the previous article, Denis Urubko has started his solo k2 summit attempt. He started without GPS and radio, a warrior without defense weapons. Consequently, there is no news about him and is not possible to … Read more

Denis Urubko k2 is started solo

Denis Urubko

Denis Urubko k2 solo is started alone for summit Denis Urubko k2 solo. There is no peace in Pakistan this winter. We left Denis Urubko after the incredible rescue operation to Elisabeth Revol in Nanga Parbat. In that operation, we remember Tomek Mackiewicz dies. He rests on the Diamir face at 7280 … Read more

Operation Milagro IV by Sea Shepherd

Operation Milagro

 Sea Shepherd Operation Milagro IV

Operation Milagro IV

Hence even this year we share the Sea Shepherd video. This video explains the Operation Milagro. It is a campaign against the poaching in Mexico’s Sea of Cortes.

For the fourth consecutive year, Sea Shepherd is in the forefront. The battle against of illegal fishing is on.  For to understand the dimension of the issue is necessary some numbers.

Over the past three years, Sea Shepherd has made lots of progress in the Gulf of California. During Operation Milagro III alone, Sea Shepherd removed 233 illegal fishing gear. 1195 entangled dead animals. Including shark, dolphins, whales, turtles and sea lions – and released 795 live ones.

Five dead vaquitas were discovered by Sea Shepherd during this campaign. Their deaths were because of being caught in gillnets set up by poachers. ( source Sea Shepherd )

The incredible misfortune of vaquita

Like the video shows the gillnets beyond to be illegal capture and kill a lot of fish and mammals. Someone of this fish, thank the activist’s effort can be safe. But why all this indiscriminate fishing?

Just because the human is crazy as usual. There is a big fish and the name is Totoba, it is a bass. The swim bladder of totoba has his market in China as traditional medicine!! The swim bladder will go on the black market in China. It is known as aquatic cocaine.

So the poachers use nets for to capture totoba. But in the same net will die vaquita and many other aquatic animals.

Sea Shepherd and Mexican Government

It is a very hard challenge. It is possible just because the joined effort between Sea Shepherd activist and the Mexican government. The operations are very risky. Because the actors involved are local fisherman poachers, criminal organizations, and sometimes even drug traffickers.

In the operations, once they localize a boat of illegal fisherman they call the navy. The operation is difficult and the risk is very high. Around two months ago a drone has been shot down by the poachers.

Most noteworthy all the Sea Shepherd operations are in collaboration with the local Authorities.

In conclusion, will follow operation Milagro IV. We love the totoba and vaquita and we want to support Sea Shephard in Operation Milagro.

If even you want to help Sea Shepherd you need to know you don’t need to become “Pirate”. The guys of sea shepherd are fantastic and they do an incredible job.

You can help just with a donation, it is an important contribution. You can donate on their official site, Sea Shepherd.

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World Wildlife Day 2018

World Wildlife Day

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Yellowstone Grizzly Hunting, Montana Stop This Year

Grizzly Brown Bear

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Poacher Eaten By Lions in South Africa

distruction of Illegal ivory

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Esmond Bradley Martin killed in Kenya

Esmond Bradley Martin

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