Live with Nomad Mongolia

Mongolia Nomads

Live with Mongolia’s nomads live with nomads Mongolia, when we speak about Mongolia we remember  Genghis Khan. Lived between 1162 and 1227, its great merit was to unify all the territories won under one single empire. One of the greatest that the story remembers. Mongolia is predominantly composed of the steppe, south of the Gobi desert and north of the … Read more

Wildlife Serengeti Tanzania

Leopard Serengeti

Wildlife Serengeti Tanzania Serengeti ecosystem Serengeti is a huge ecosystem that includes Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. It includes even some adjacent areas. It is a theater of the Great Migration of wildebeests. But is even the house of the famous Big Five. It is a special place in the earth and his delicate balancing is constantly under pressure. … Read more

Nomadic Tribes of Sahara


Nomadic Tribes of Sahara Ulad El Mizna tribe Nomadic Tribes Mauritania In one of the most inhospitable lands of the planet live the Ulad El Mizna tribe. The land is the west of the Sahara desert. This part of the Sahara desert is in the Mauritania country. Fascinating and mysterious, the children of the cloud ( is meaning Ulad El Mizna) … Read more

Wild Mali – the biggest herd of elephant


Dr. Susan Canney Project manager of Mali Elephant Project explains the project, is very interesting to understand the behind of conservation project. In this case, she explains about the biggest herd of elephant, up to 700 live together in a huge herd

Alone 180 Days on Lake Baikal

This video is about the story of Sylvain Tesson, an adventurer which staid and survive 180 days in the Lake Baikal, knew like one of the coldest places of the earth.

Serengeti National Park Tanzania Wildlife

Lions in Serengeti National Parks

Serengeti National Park Tanzania Wildlife Serengeti National Park Geography of Serengeti National Park Serengeti National Park is wonderful, also because it has many different environments. The altitude ranging from 900 mt to 1800 mt, and this is because of many zones with a variety of characteristics. The south and all the central part are characterized by large flat savannah and coats of … Read more

The Big Wolf Built to Kill

Wolf attack the bison

The Big Wolf Built to Kill

A very interesting documentary to illustrate the techniques of wolves hunting. The first scene shows while isolating a small bison but adults and mother save it. Then see a wounded adult isolate and using their technique to cause profound wounds in the perineum area. With this technique, the animal quickly loses a lot of blood and consequently the forces.

Then there is a nice short video with a puma female with the puppies hunting a young deer and then playing the puppies with the prey. Another scene is an attempt to attack an elk puppy but the mother defends it.

Then a night hunting is always at a moose but also explained the technique well. Then a beautiful scene of male alpha power dominating the young.

Salmon hunt while laying eggs. Then a hunt for a big deer bark very beautiful shows all pack strategy and the frontal attack this time deadly directed at the throat of a female that is isolated.

A scene sings about the death of an old male whose carcass is eaten by birds after which was overcome by a young male who then became the new alpha male.
Immediately afterward the new alpha is attacked as a fork demonstration of a female deer to which he does not give up.
Finally, a puma kills a deer but the wolves arrive, the puma immediately fights and goes away but the alpha male insists and tired the puma that eventually has to leave.
Here is the strategy, intelligence, and resistance as well as the strength that make this animal one of the most feared of the wild world.

Polar Bear Mom and Cubs

Polar bear with cub

Watch this two new cubs of ice bear to see the world ( the frozen world!! ) for the first time, beautiful like all NG documentaries

Credits: National Geographic

Discovering Russia: Polar Night Northern Lights

Northern Lights in Murmansk, the northernmost part of Russia. Polar Night

Can a city be wild?

This documentary is charming and talks about the Polar Night. It is By RT Documentaries and let me tell you is very well made.

Ok someone can tell is not strictly wild but for me is an error. The northern place, even if inhabited by the civilized community like Murmansk, is wild and in the documentary is explained well.

The big difference from other sides of the polar circle is the population, the people of Murmansk are moderns. They use the progress to create a more comfortable environment during the long polar night. Yes, you can imagine, for example, is simple enough to switch on the artificial light and is ok but is false.

Effects on the metabolism of the Polar Night

Our body has some hours of the night and some hours of daylight typically. It needs the sun, and all the metabolism is balanced well. So you can have sweet dreams in the night time, and you are very active during daylight. When the night is 4 months long for the local people body’s it is severe stress. James is trying on himself the problems of the Arctic Night. The big question is how to make our body accustomed to this extreme condition.

So now maybe it is more clear why life, even in the new and comfortable condition, is wild. The documentary follows showing the observation of the Aurora Borealis during the Polar Night. This vast and spectacular effect come from mother nature.

What the Aurora Borealis is

The charged particles collision causes the Aurora Borealis effect. Generally, these particles are electrons and protons. When the electrons collide with the atoms, the atoms have excited, and when they are de-energized, they release energy in the shape of light. Generally green and sometimes red, it depends on the wavelength.

The documentary ends showing the joy and the parties by the local people at the first sunrise of the year. It demonstrates how much is waited and fundamental the sun.

Credits: RT Documentaries

Correspondent : James Brown