Polar Night Northern Lights

Northern Lights in Murmansk, the northernmost part of Russia. Polar Night

How much is wild the polar night?

This documentary is charming and talks about the Polar Night.

Ok someone can tell is not strictly wild but for me is an error. The northern place, even if inhabited by the civilized , is wild and in the documentary is explained well.

Effects on the metabolism of the Polar Night

Our body has some hours of the night and some hours of daylight typically. It needs the sun, and all the metabolism is balanced well. So you can have sweet dreams in the night time, and you are very active during daylight. When the night is 4 months long for the local people body’s it is severe stress. James is trying on himself the problems of the Arctic Night. The big question is how to make our body accustomed to this extreme condition.

So now maybe it is more clear why life, even in the new and comfortable condition, is wild. The documentary follows showing the observation of the Aurora Borealis during the Polar Night. This vast and spectacular effect come from mother nature.

What the Aurora Borealis is

The charged particles collision causes the Aurora Borealis effect. Generally, these particles are electrons and protons. When the electrons collide with the atoms, the atoms have excited, and when they are de-energized, they release energy in the shape of light. Generally green and sometimes red, it depends on the wavelength.


Credits: RT Documentaries

Correspondent : James Brown

BBC Living with Nomads 2/3 Siberia

Reindeers of Siberia's nomads

Nomads of Siberia The second part of the BBC documentary dedicated to nomads people. Siberia is one of wildest place in the world, and it is truly wild. The Siberian nomads are the biggest example that human gender is the most adaptable species in the animal kingdom. Survive for so … Read more

BBC Living with Nomads 1/3 Nepal

Nepal's nomads people during shelter construction

The nomads of Nepal

This documentary, thanks to Kate Humble is presented very well and it is easy to understand the lifestyle of nomads populations. The difficult thing to understand is how is possible in our era, in our world, where everywhere people houseless are considered a problem? the answer is that is possible in wildlands only. It is possible in the remote regions our loved planet. There are regions where to live is survive, where nothing is safe and tomorrow doesn’t exist. These regions are very important because are the only places on the earth where the biodiversity is intact, is the result of million years of evolution. This is in total contrast with the anthropized lands, where people live in artificial areas like cities.

We don’t want to say is a mistake to live in cities but we need to know that there are many problems created by our blind vision of life. The planet is all the earth and the global balancing is depending in large part from human rights. We are responsible for our good and bad.

In this first of three documentaries, she meets Nepal’s nomads.

Nomads are absolutely wild, this lifestyle requires great adaptability and knowledge of nature and environment. in Nepal the life is so strong and just the ancestral secrets permit at the nomad to survive.

The nomadic life issues

For nomads, the biggest problem is the contact, the interaction with the civilized and resident population. The lifestyle of nomads is poor, simple and with a very low hygienic standard. So, many times residents are very disappointed about the nomad’s presence. These cause conflicts and bad situations.

There is a future for nomads?

Like you can see in the documentary, in perspective is probably very difficult for nomads to follow their traditions. It will be may be necessary to try to integrate herself into some local community. This is even necessary if you want to give children the necessary instruction.

We don’t know the future but we hope all the best for these nice tribe.

Credits: BBC

Polar Bear Built To Kill

Polar bear

Polar Bear Built To Kill

Polar bear along with the Kodiak bear is the largest carnivorous mammal on the mainland. Its white mantle makes it look almost docile and sweet. It is just an illusion, the polar bear is a real war machine. Weighing between 400 and 700 kg on average, the largest recorded specimen was just over 1000 kg and 3.3 meters long. Try to imagine then standing up as it often does on the hind legs. You will find that you are faced with an animal more than 3 meters high, a true giant.


are about half in general apart when they are pregnant and can even weigh up to 500 kg. The thick white hair protects it from the polar cold but is especially the fat that makes it a real insulator. It is a great swimmer and the front paws are semi-palmed. One curious thing is that females despite the giant mole put two puppies at a time in the world and weighing less than a kilogram.

Polar bear

is present in five countries, Greenland, Canada, Alaska, Russia, and Norway. Although we face a vast territory, the population of polar bears is estimated to be only about 20 / 25,000 heads, of which 60% permanent in Canada. It feels like seals but feeds on all kinds of birds, foxes, reindeer, and even invertebrates. But to deserve the name of a War Machine. Must be said that he also eats whales carcasses,  also kills the Beluga and the Narvals that comfortably reach 1000 kg of weight.


he hunts the seals by preparing an ambush, hears the seals swimming under the ice. He hangs close to an opening until when the seal emerges to breathe. Then kills it with a paw. Sometimes, however, a bear found a prey underwater. Digs a hole in the ice and flips it in to hunt the swarm to swim.

Unfortunately, these bears are high-risk armies because of climate change. Polar ice caps are in full swing, so the polar bears have less hunting territory and less food. More and more frequent sightings are also in polar towns. Polar Bears are present and ragged waste left by humans. This proximity to humans is still very dangerous and often bears are hunted and killed to avoid problems.

Polar Bear attitude

It should be noted that the polar bear’s hair is white but semi-transparent and empty inside. This gives it a distinctive white color that is dirty. The purpose of the hair is to make the first barrier insulating from the cold. We need to remember that he lives in a zone where -50 of temperature is normal. The second is the skin color that is black and therefore does not absorb the sun’s rays and the third layer of fat.

Needless to say, it would be desirable from governments that are most responsive to global warming, to have a visionary plan for the environment. To make Polar bears naturally recover, but above all to cause the man to find a less compromised and dangerous habitat than which we are going to meet.

Laos Indochinese Wonderland


Laos Geography Laos is a country located in the middle of South-Est Asia. It is bordering with Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, and Myanmar. Despite the character friendly and gentle of Laotians, just in recent years, it became a touristic attraction. The country is predominantly mountains and highlands. The highest peak … Read more

Wild Russia Siberia

Cold Russia

Siberia – with a National Geographic documentary we discover the coldest inhabited region of the earth. Siberia, the synonym of cold In this place, there is one of the climates strongest of the earth. During winter the medium temperature is almost everywhere ten degrease below zero. Noteworthy, in the regions … Read more

Sides of a Horn – Inside Poaching War

Sides of a Horn

The scenery of Sides of a Horn Sides of a Horn is touching the human aspect of the Rhino poaching war. In my lifetime, I’ve spent some years in Africa, and I lived in rural areas. You can’t say “I know Africa” if you didn’t live there together with the … Read more

Wild tiger cub – for the first time on film – David Attenborough

Bengala Tiger

Wild tiger cubs

First time filmed by David Attenborough this wonderful tiger with her cub. Usually, she stays very hide and is very difficult to see her with cub young like this. And never was filmed before now.
Tiger, in this short amazing document, is shown really vulnerable. In particular, will recommend paying attention to the delicate action especially when mom takes the cubs with the mouth. The biggest cat of the earth move her tooth like a super delicate robot with the cubs but like a terrible weapon when killing the prey.
Another thing makes this document so special, the tiger can birth from one to four cubs, anyway, four are an unusual event.
Normally, mom keeps in the cave well protected the cub for a long time. The cubs are blind and they can’t defend they self from predators. But this cubs looks very brave and they want to discover the new world quickly.

First time filmed by David Attenborough this wonderful tiger with her cub, usually she stay very hide and is very difficult to see her

To know Mike Horn – Expédition Arktos

Mike Horn in Antarctica

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