Climate Change Environmental Politics

Climate change strike

Climate Change And Environmental Politics The drought in Africa has always been a problem. In recent years climate change has forced us to observe the phenomenon. Are increasing in some areas. Certainly, it is not a novelty but it is a strong signal. We need to change direction early. Will soon have to deal with really dramatic situations. United States … Read more

Our Vision

Wildlife The wildlife is fundamental to the environment. The absence of the wildlife, or even just a part of wildlife, create an unbalancing. Preservation allows for the maintenance of biodiversity. Biodiversity makes it possible to have the most robust ecosystem and is a benefit to all humans.Unfortunately, it is not simple to help people to understand how much is essential. … Read more

Global Climate Change

Global Energy

The global climate change In recent years it is common to listen all around media about climate change. But how much is true of the global climate change? What will happen if we don’t fight against climate change? And what we can do to help the health of our planet? Will try to answer through the analysis of the known … Read more

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