Funny Pigs

Jokes of the day The horses of the desert race A competitor from Paris Dakar breaks his car in the desert. Look for the fault, can not find it. It’s just … Suddenly, a horse appears next to him. – “Hello, are you down?” he asks the horse. The manRead More →

Dog is the man's best friend

Jokes of the day Before man, the dog was God’s best friend On the first day of the creation of the world, God created the dog. The second day, God created man to serve the dog. On the third day, God created all the animals on earth (especially the horse)Read More →

Funny parrots video

Joke of the day The magician  and the parrot This is the story of a magician who did his shows during cruises in the West Indies in a luxury ship. While the public is renewed every 15 days, the magician allows himself to repeat the same numbers again and again,Read More →

Funny dogs

Joke of the day Balto the clever dog Gerard is about to close the butcher’s shop when a dog comes in with a purse in his mouth. – Hi, dog! What a beautiful wind brings you? Do you want meat? -Wouf! -What do you want exactly? A steak? -Wouf! –Read More →

Funny fox

Joke Of The Day Story of a little crazy fox running in the forest looking for a hen … He meets a hare and asks him: – You are a chicken? The hare answers him: – Ah, if you’re looking for a chicken, it’s better to go see on theRead More →

Funny Monkey

Jokes of the day Dedicated to our loved worldwide imprisoned animals General Administration of Tropical Zoos and Gardens Headquarter Dear Madam, Sir, The rigor of this winter that caused a lot of mortality among the inhabitants of the New York zoo and especially among the monkeys, sees us in theRead More →

Funny Grizzly

Jokes of the day A Christian Funny Grizzly An atheist walked through the forests of the Rocky Mountains admiring all the things around him that had created “the coincidence of evolution”. “What wonderful animals!” He said to himself: as he walked along the river, heard a rustle in the bushesRead More →

Funny ducks

Jokes of the day A Lazy Labrador A blind man is waiting at a traffic light. Sitting next to him, his superb Labrador. Another guy in front is watching the scene. The traffic light turns green, the dog does not move. Two minutes later, the light turns red, the dogRead More →

Funny dog

Jokes of the day A hungry lion A lion and a hare sit at a table in a restaurant. the waiter approaches and does a hare: -good day, what do you want? Well … I would like fettuccine with porcini mushrooms and second of the salad. well, does the waiter,Read More →

Funny animals and humans

Animals Joke of the day Animals’ delegation in paradise The delegation consisting of a giraffe, an elephant and a female ostrich arrives in Paradise and waits to be received. Finally the giraffe enters. God: – “Dear giraffe what drives you here?” “Sir, I feel so ugly estranged with this longRead More →

Funny Shepherds

Animals Jokes of the day Suspicious of betrayal A farmer wants to make a joke to one of his hens and secretly subtracts an egg to paint it of all colors. Then he puts it in the middle of the other eggs and starts to spy on the reactions ofRead More →

Funny Bunny

Joke of the day The rabbit and the king of the forest A bunny stands in the forest and humming jumps in here and there. He meets a giraffe who asks him: “Bunny, are you not afraid to meet the lion?” And he replies: “If I meet the lion IRead More →

The Joke of the day A graduate rabbit A rabbit goes around all happy for the lawn because he is about to finish his thesis. At one point he meets a wolf, who obviously wants to eat it. The rabbit at least wants to graduate before dying, so he saysRead More →

Funny shepherd

Jokes of the day The talking dog A shepherd and his dog are leading the cows to pasture when suddenly one of the cows miraculously begins to speak: “Good morning shepherd.” The upset man runs away, followed by his dog. After three kilometers of stops to catch his breath, heRead More →

Funny Parrot

The Joke Of The Day A Crazy Parrot A lady wants a pet to have some company while her children are at school and her husband is at work. After thinking about it, he decides to discard dogs and cats because they are too busy. Better a nice parrot whoRead More →


Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Finalists 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is an award born with the finality to help wildlife. This year the finalists are 41 from many countries of the world. It is the third year and the competition is growing. Finality is to help wildlife through conservation. InRead More →

Joke of the day An unlucky goat A guy finds a well in the middle of a field. To try to understand how deep it is to decide to throw in a stone; he throws it but does not hear the latest after several seconds. Try with a larger rock,Read More →

The Joke of the day Two Friends And Two Kittens Arnold wakes up one morning, opens the door to collect the liter of milk and finds on the door two little kittens waiting for him. To which man can not help but pick up the two kittens and offer himRead More →

Funny aniomals wild

Funny animals the joke of the day The explorer and the lion An explorer suddenly finds himself facing a very large lion. The scared explorer says,” God, let this lion be only a Christian apparition … “And the lion replies:” God, bless this meal!” Bad moments for bats Two batsRead More →

In the African Savannah Gazelle teaching In the African savannah, mom gazelle is explaining to her daughter what it means for them to live there … “See, my daughter, this is the harsh law of nature: every morning at dawn a gazelle wakes up, gets up and starts running andRead More →

Jokes of the day Multilanguage animals A cat has decided to eat a mouse that has been around for several days. He hides behind a door and: “Bau, bau, bau” the little mouse heard barking, convinced that behind the door there is a dog, comes out of the den withoutRead More →

Funny animals hilarious moments funny wildlife hilarious moments Hilarious moments are necessary, disconnect your mind from stressing thought and make you more gentle and animals lover, watch even others here A graduate dog “At the corner of a residential area there is a group of stray dogs … at aRead More →

Jokes of the day When the parrot meet ice A boy buys a beautiful parrot but he can only say swear words and blasphemies. After vain attempts to change the language to the beast, the boy takes him by the neck and shouts to stop, but that nothing, worse thanRead More →

Short jokes about animals The Hippo issues A hippopotamus returns home to his wife, crying. – Dear, while I was on the bus, I sat on a monkey! – Ooo … but you’ll have apologized, right? And the hippopotamus mortified – No, but tomorrow I will send condolences to theRead More →

The animals of the forest want laughs The animals in the forest are bored, nothing ever happens. Then to pass the time they decide to organize a contest of jokes. To avoid boring beginners, they insert a cruel clause: the sole judge will be the tortoise. If the turtle doesRead More →

In the stable conversation In the stable of a farm, a pig looks puzzled for a moment the donkey that is next to him and then exclaims: “Donkey! But you know that you’re really ugly? All gray, small, with those long ears .. just suck! “. The donkey does notRead More →

Funny lions cubs

Joke of the day Camel lifestyle A camel puppy tells his father: – “Dad, what are the two humps we have on the back?” The father replies: – “See son, when we go on a mission in the desert, that we walk for days and days, we camels do notRead More →

Funny wild animals moments

Joke of the day God and the animals A group of animals not happy with their physical appearance decided to rebel and therefore send a delegation directly to discuss with God. The delegation consisting of a Giraffe, an Elephant and a Hen arrives in Paradise and waits to be received.Read More →