Comedy wildlife photography awards 2020 winners!

Mark Fitzpatrick - Terry the Turtle

Even this year, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020 has reached its conclusion and is proud to announce that the OVERALL WINNER of this year’s competition is Mark Fitzpatrick, for his amazing photograph entitled Terry the Turtle flipping the bird. Although this is a very difficult year all over the … Read more

Funny Dogs Can Help Us

Funny dogs

Funny Dogs The dog and the mother-in-law A man goes to find his neighbor and knocks on his door. The neighbor replies: – Yup ? – Hi, I’m coming to see you because your dog has bitten my mother-in-law twice! – Oh no! You are not serious! I will make … Read more

Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2020

Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2020

Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2020 In this pandemic period in which we were forced into the house, we perhaps realized the importance of our pets, not only wild animals therefore in our blog, but from now on we begin to give space also to pets, which basically a some savages … Read more

Comedy wildlife photography awards 2020

comedy wildlife photography awards 2020 Antony Bucci

Comedy wildlife photography awards 2020 It is a year that we will not easily forget, not only for the immense damage that this pandemic is causing worldwide, but also because we realized that its origin is linked to environmental degradation and the misuse that we are making of resources. of … Read more

Funny foxes

Funny fox

Story of a little crazy fox running in the forest looking for a hen … He meets a hare and asks him: – You are a chicken? The hare answers him: – Ah, if you’re looking for a chicken, it’s better to go see on the farm, at the edge … Read more

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Winning Image - Sarah Skinner Grab life by the...

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, as a tradition since 2017, have been awarded. The 2019 edition of this prestigious photographic competition was won by British photographer Sarah Skinner. His photo entitled “Grab life by the …..” won first place not only as an “overall winner” but … Read more

Jokes between poodle and parrot

Funny dogs

A huge trucker sits in a bar for a drink, when a lousy little guy comes in and asks who owns the pit bull who is out.The trucker yells “It’s MY dog! You have a problem ? “The little guy answers “No, there is nothing but I think that my … Read more

Funny lions

A funny lion

Funny lions Funny lions Where does a lion sleep? Wherever he wants!  What is the size of a lion, but weighs nothing? His shadow!  When does a lion say bau bau? When he is learning a new language.  How do you take a lion’s temperature? Very carefully!  Do you prefer … Read more

A Crazy Cow and Crazy Farmer

Crazy Cow standing for pic

Crazy cow It is a cow farmer who finds himself with a cow that squints: it annoys him a lot, because his cow does not stop bumping everywhere. So to see if we can do something, he calls the vet. The veterinarian examines him and says: “I’ll show you how … Read more

Funny dogs and clever

Funny dogs

Funny dogs God funny dogs and the heart creation On the first day of the creation of the world, God created the dog.On the 2nd day, God created the man to serve the dog.On the third day, God created all the animals on the earth (especially the horse) to potentially … Read more