Safari Animals: Compilation

This funny video will help us to relax a little bit. Anyway, I want to remark that many of the action in the video is in a wild area like national parks. Please, the interaction from wild animals and human is a bad practice. Especially to give food, this behavior exposes the animals to dangerous situations and creates many problems. … Read more

Funny wild animals

The world of wild animals can be funny like pets sometimes A chicken leaves her henhouse and says: Brrrrrr, how cold! A duck comes out on the other side of the farm and says: Don’t talk to me, I’ve got goosebumps! A crocodile sees a duck crying: Why are you crying? I don’t know who I am! You are a … Read more

Very funny animals

Very funny animals

A sequence of fanny behavior of our loved animals. As usually we choice the best of the network. But before you can read this funny jokes Why do elephants go to the beach with snowshoes? To avoid sinking into the sand. Why do ostriches put their heads in the sand? To chat with elephants with poor quality snowshoes. What does … Read more

The Horses Of The Desert Race

Funny horses

Jokes of the day The horses of the desert race A competitor from Paris Dakar breaks his car in the desert. Look for the fault, can not find it. It’s just … Suddenly, a horse appears next to him. – “Hello, are you down?” he asks the horse. The man thinks he is dreaming. It’s the beginning of madness, he … Read more

Funny Dogs And The Divine

Funny dog

Jokes of the day Before man, the dog was God’s best friend On the first day of the creation of the world, God created the dog. The second day, God created man to serve the dog. On the third day, God created all the animals on earth (especially the horse) to potentially serve the dog’s food. The fourth day, God … Read more

The Parrot and the Magician

Funny parrot

Joke of the day The magician  and the parrot This is the story of a magician who did his shows during cruises in the West Indies in a luxury ship. While the public is renewed every 15 days, the magician allows himself to repeat the same numbers again and again, without ever renewing them. Everything would be fine for this … Read more

A funny and very clever dog

Swimmer dog

Joke of the day Balto the clever dog Gerard is about to close the butcher’s shop when a dog comes in with a purse in his mouth. – Hi, dog! What a beautiful wind brings you? Do you want meat? -Wouf! -What do you want exactly? A steak? -Wouf! – What an adorable dog you are! You’re so smart! Gérard … Read more

Story of a little crazy fox

A crazy fox

Joke Of The Day Story of a little crazy fox running in the forest looking for a hen … He meets a hare and asks him: – You are a chicken? The hare answers him: – Ah, if you’re looking for a chicken, it’s better to go see on the farm, at the edge of the woods. Continuing on his … Read more

Funny Orangutan At The Zoo

Baboon style

Jokes of the day Dedicated to our loved worldwide imprisoned animals General Administration of Tropical Zoos and Gardens Headquarter Dear Madam, Sir, The rigor of this winter that caused a lot of mortality among the inhabitants of the New York zoo and especially among the monkeys, sees us in the obligation to replace our dead animals with humans who offer … Read more

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