Crazy Shepherds And His Animals

Crazy sheeps

Animals Jokes of the day Suspicious of betrayal A farmer wants to make a joke to one of his hens and secretly subtracts an egg to paint it of all colors. Then he puts it in the middle of the other eggs and starts to spy on the reactions of the hen. This, however, remains completely indifferent. Disappointed, the farmer … Read more

Funny Bunny And The King Of The Forest


Joke of the day The rabbit and the king of the forest A bunny stands in the forest and humming jumps in here and there. He meets a giraffe who asks him: “Bunny, are you not afraid to meet the lion?” And he replies: “If I meet the lion I will slap him”. Walking, leaping and whistling he meets a … Read more

Funny Animals A Graduate Rabbit


The Joke of the day A graduate rabbit A rabbit goes around all happy for the lawn because he is about to finish his thesis. At one point he meets a wolf, who obviously wants to eat it. The rabbit at least wants to graduate before dying, so he says to the wolf: “Come to my den, I’ll let you … Read more

Funny shepherds

Funny shepherds

Jokes of the day The talking dog A shepherd and his dog are leading the cows to pasture when suddenly one of the cows miraculously begins to speak: “Good morning shepherd.” The upset man runs away, followed by his dog. After three kilometers of stops to catch his breath, he looks at the dog and says: “Good heavens, what a … Read more

A Crazy Parrot Meets An Old Friend

A Crazy Parrot

The Joke Of The Day A Crazy Parrot A lady wants a pet to have some company while her children are at school and her husband is at work. After thinking about it, he decides to discard dogs and cats because they are too busy. Better a nice parrot who can also speak. However, problem: they all cost a lot! … Read more

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2018

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Finalists 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is an award born with the finality to help wildlife. This year the finalists are 41 from many countries of the world. It is the third year and the competition is growing. Finality is to help wildlife through conservation. In particular, the competition work connects to Born Free Foundation. Like … Read more

Joke Of An Unlucky Goat

Joke of the day An unlucky goat A guy finds a well in the middle of a field. To try to understand how deep it is to decide to throw in a stone; he throws it but does not hear the latest after several seconds. Try with a larger rock, but also with this nothing splash. Then take a huge … Read more

Two Friends And Two Kittens

The Joke of the day Two Friends And Two Kittens Arnold wakes up one morning, opens the door to collect the liter of milk and finds on the door two little kittens waiting for him. To which man can not help but pick up the two kittens and offer him the warmth of the house as it is also raining … Read more

Funny animals And Jokes

Funny animals the joke of the day The explorer and the lion An explorer suddenly finds himself facing a very large lion. The scared explorer says,” God, let this lion be only a Christian apparition … “And the lion replies:” God, bless this meal!” Bad moments for bats Two bats as they go head to head talk, at one point … Read more

In The African Savannah

In the African Savannah Gazelle teaching In the African savannah, mom gazelle is explaining to her daughter what it means for them to live there … “See, my daughter, this is the harsh law of nature: every morning at dawn a gazelle wakes up, gets up and starts running and immediately afterward the lion wakes up and starts chasing her … Read more