A Crazy Cow and Crazy Farmer

Crazy Cow standing for pic

Crazy cow It is a cow farmer who finds himself with a cow that squints: it annoys him a lot, because his cow does not stop bumping everywhere. So to see if we can do something, he calls the vet. The veterinarian examines him and says: “I’ll show you how … Read more

Funny dogs and clever

Funny dogs

Funny dogs God funny dogs and the heart creation On the first day of the creation of the world, God created the dog.On the 2nd day, God created the man to serve the dog.On the third day, God created all the animals on the earth (especially the horse) to potentially … Read more

A Poor Funny Pig

Funny pig playing in the water

Funny pig – On a farm, a poor peasant is starving with his whole family, but he has a treasure! And this treasure is his pig. According to him, this pig is “the most intelligent pig in the world” … One day, a local newspaper reporter comes to learn that … Read more

Funny parrots and his friends

Funny parrot in pose

Funny parrot Funny parrots – In London, a very elegant City banker with bowler hat, umbrella, cane and black suit meets a punk with red and green hair at a bus stop. The old banker looks at the punk with an air of disdain. Punk asks him: – Do you … Read more

The Ventriloquist

Funny Guinea Pig

The boss, curious, plays the game. The man then takes out a guinea pig from his pocket, places it on the counter and the animal stands on its two hind legs and begins to dance the polka. The boss reacts: “You’re right, I’ve never seen this before, it’s amazing – … Read more

Funny Animals Videos

funny donkeys

Funny Animals Videos Which better way then smile to start your day? Sometimes even the behavior of animals is funny, especially when there is interaction with humans. More difficult is to interact with wild animals. In this case, is better to wait for the natural funny moments, need to be … Read more

Funny dog and cats around the world

Dog and friends playing

Funny dogs and cats

Funny dogs and cats

Another funny compilation

Dog and cats are the best friends of human, any way to see an animal to imitate or follow the human’s activities is very funny.

Opposite to the wild animals is easy to film the domestic animals. In conclusion, is not important if you are domestic or wild. Is important you are funny.

Fanny animals

Funny animals interaction domestic and wild

Squirrel funny

Is unbelievable, basically we think to wild animals like something untouchable, but this clips showing a different behavior, a lion with dogs, monkeys with cats, a tiger with a bear, discover in this amazing video the side sweet of the wide world.

Funny Animals African Wildlife

Funny monkey

Funny Animals African Wildlife

In savanna not all is drama, there are many hilarious moments, in this video, there are some moments filmed by tourists in the Kruger National Park. Some clips are emotional, and your hearth will beat speedy. This is the magic of Africa, the incredible contrast between violence and love.

The lion can be so sweet and lovely but when he wins the battle with other male and become alpha male of the pride, most of the times he kills the cubs generated by the old alpha, this is for start with a new genetic line and the pride will be more strong.

Funny Wild Animals Video

Funny polar bear with cubs

In this video we can enjoy hilarious moments of our funny wild animals, we love the ice bears and you? comment, please