The Animals Of The Forest Want laughs

Funny desert animal

The animals of the forest want laughs The animals in the forest are bored, nothing ever happens. Then to pass the time they decide to organize a contest of jokes. To avoid boring beginners, they insert a cruel clause: the sole judge will be the tortoise. If the turtle does … Read more

Conversations between animals

Cleaver dog

In the stable conversation In the stable of a farm, a pig looks puzzled for a moment the donkey that is next to him and then exclaims: “Donkey! But you know that you’re really ugly? All gray, small, with those long ears .. just suck! “. The donkey does not … Read more

Camels dad and son conversation

Funny camel moment

Joke of the day Camel lifestyle A camel puppy tells his father: – “Dad, what are the two humps we have on the back?” The father replies: – “See son, when we go on a mission in the desert, that we walk for days and days, we camels do not … Read more

Funny wild animals moments


Joke of the day God and the animals A group of animals not happy with their physical appearance decided to rebel and therefore send a delegation directly to discuss with God. The delegation consisting of a Giraffe, an Elephant and a Hen arrives in Paradise and waits to be received. … Read more

Animal Video of dogs and cats

Funny dog

Animal video Animal video, in a sequence of hilarious clips very funny. Our little friends struggling with daily problems inside our homes  

Funny animals fishing in Alaska

Funny animals fishing Funny animals fishing Who has never dreamed of going to fish salmons in Alaska? It is a dream of many world’s fishermen, but are you sure this is a very safe sport? Watching this funny animals fishing video it appears not very safe or at least rich … Read more

Funny wild animals compilation

Funny wild animals

Another funny compilation, dedicated to small animals. It is very funny and it helps you to have a better day.

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funny animals try don’t laugh

Funny cute cat

Funny animals

funny animals

funny animals, just for laugh a little bit, there is a better way than a laugh to begin the day?

Animals are very funny, especially in the human interaction. It is easy to film they and if they are domestic is even easier. Funny animals are a gift from mother nature and are free of charge show.

watch even this Funny wild animals

Funny animal wild, the side happy of nature

Funny bear take a bath

Funny animal wild 

The funny animal in this footage can watch polar bears, brown bear, monkey, raccoons, lizard, reindeer, gray wolf, red fox, giraffe, flamingos, birds, and black bear. So is possible to find a funny situation in the world wild? Yes is it, but just is difficult to find more people that lose its time in this kind of situations. They are usually found by chance, perhaps a chance will be the growing interest from tourists in watching wild animals. From the African big five up to Alaskan grizzly, from the whales or orcas to the wolves, are many more the tourists which decide to invest their holidays in wildlife watching ecotourism. So long life to wildlife