Jaguar The Biggest America’s Cat 

Jaguar in the forest

Jaguar The Biggest America’s Cat Jaguar The Biggest America’s Cat Scientific Name:  Panthera onca English name: Jaguar Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Family: Felidae Link to Red List page: Red List Page of Jaguar Habitat: He loves the environment of the forest with rivers. In that environment, he can find … Read more

Kenya Safari the Big Five paradise

Masai Mara Lions

Kenya Safari the Big Five paradise Kenya safari is an unforgettable experience. Wherever you go to Kenya, you will find the spectacle of wild nature. Kenya’s treasures are the relevant part of National Parks, National Reserves, and Private Reserves. Kenya is a country with 43 tribes. This is at the … Read more

Discover the Yellowstone wolves

yellowstone pack

Discover Yellowstone gray wolves The Yellowstone wolves general information Yellowstone wolves are the most famous wolves packs in the world. They live in the Yellowstone National Park, and his history is fascinating. Wolf is the animal more studied in the wildlife. Anyway, we know just a small part of his … Read more

Siberian tiger the queen of big cats

The Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger or Amur Tiger is the queen of big cats

Siberian Tiger, Amur Tiger

Scientific Name: Panthera tigris altaica
English name: Siberian Tiger, Amur Tiger
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Felidae
Link to Red List page: the Siberian tiger in the Red List

The mantle is beautiful and different from the other tiger subspecies. It is lighter shades with dark brown instead of black stripes. The winter coat differs considerably from summer to summer. Both in shape (longer, thick ) and in color (clears up or assumes other shades).


Siberian tiger is beautiful, huge and majestic. And in addiction extremely dangerous. She lives in the taiga and she has just one predator as a competitor, the brown bear.

Siberian Tiger has declared at extinction risk. The causes of population reduction are many.


Siberian TigerSiberian Tiger, as we said, is the biggest cat in the world. Recent studies show her dimension is comparable to the more common Bengal Tiger. The Siberian Tiger is the queen of the cats. She is more than 300 kg and more than 3 meters long. She’s the largest cat on the earth.

Where to find:

Can be found in the south-east of Siberia. She is present in small number.


This beautiful cat is solitary and lives caching preys like deer, boar, and roe. Sometimes when is necessary she can catch even small preys. Most of all rabbit or salmons where the river level is low.

In her territory, almost she doesn’t have predators. Moreover, she’s in direct competition with Brown Bear. The power is the same. Anyway, the tiger is more intelligent and agile. In direct fighting, the tiger is probably the winner.

Tiger doesn’t kill the bear just for the competition. She kills and devours him.

The Siberian tiger is very dangerous. However, usually, she doesn’t attack humans. The human attack is mostly time because of bad human behavior. In few cases a tiger killed human and she had strange behaviors. It has been noticed which after the attack the tiger has tried to kill other humans. So the researcher says, is probably because tasted the human meet they discover is good food.

In this article is wrote, “Tiger’s legs are so powerful that they can remain standing even when dead”. I don’t know if this is true because the reasons for muscles block can be more. but one thing is sure, she’s very strong and an incredible wild killer.

Major risk:

The Siberian tiger is classified endangered in the Red List IUCN. The main reasons are most of all the poaching and anthropization of the territory. The Siberian tiger is hunted because of his bones. Especially the Chinese traditional medicine where the bones are believed healing.

The anthropization of the territory is a sad reality almost everywhere. This is because of deforestation. Most noteworthy is the act of China Government that declare illegal tigers hunting in 1993.

Another issue is the lowest number of ungulates in the area. This is because most of all the deforestation and furthermore the high pressure of hunting.

In conclusion, the Siberian tiger is a precious gift. Mother nature gave us and we need to protect.

Polar Bear Built To Kill

Polar bear

Polar Bear Built To Kill

Polar bear along with the Kodiak bear is the largest carnivorous mammal on the mainland. Its white mantle makes it look almost docile and sweet. It is just an illusion, the polar bear is a real war machine. Weighing between 400 and 700 kg on average, the largest recorded specimen was just over 1000 kg and 3.3 meters long. Try to imagine then standing up as it often does on the hind legs. You will find that you are faced with an animal more than 3 meters high, a true giant.


are about half in general apart when they are pregnant and can even weigh up to 500 kg. The thick white hair protects it from the polar cold but is especially the fat that makes it a real insulator. It is a great swimmer and the front paws are semi-palmed. One curious thing is that females despite the giant mole put two puppies at a time in the world and weighing less than a kilogram.

Polar bear

is present in five countries, Greenland, Canada, Alaska, Russia, and Norway. Although we face a vast territory, the population of polar bears is estimated to be only about 20 / 25,000 heads, of which 60% permanent in Canada. It feels like seals but feeds on all kinds of birds, foxes, reindeer, and even invertebrates. But to deserve the name of a War Machine. Must be said that he also eats whales carcasses,  also kills the Beluga and the Narvals that comfortably reach 1000 kg of weight.


he hunts the seals by preparing an ambush, hears the seals swimming under the ice. He hangs close to an opening until when the seal emerges to breathe. Then kills it with a paw. Sometimes, however, a bear found a prey underwater. Digs a hole in the ice and flips it in to hunt the swarm to swim.

Unfortunately, these bears are high-risk armies because of climate change. Polar ice caps are in full swing, so the polar bears have less hunting territory and less food. More and more frequent sightings are also in polar towns. Polar Bears are present and ragged waste left by humans. This proximity to humans is still very dangerous and often bears are hunted and killed to avoid problems.

Polar Bear attitude

It should be noted that the polar bear’s hair is white but semi-transparent and empty inside. This gives it a distinctive white color that is dirty. The purpose of the hair is to make the first barrier insulating from the cold. We need to remember that he lives in a zone where -50 of temperature is normal. The second is the skin color that is black and therefore does not absorb the sun’s rays and the third layer of fat.

Needless to say, it would be desirable from governments that are most responsive to global warming, to have a visionary plan for the environment. To make Polar bears naturally recover, but above all to cause the man to find a less compromised and dangerous habitat than which we are going to meet.

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Sides of a Horn

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Antarctica Whale

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Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2018

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

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Serengeti lions of Tanzania

Life of the Serengeti lions

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Trekking Peru Cordillera Huayhuash


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