Muskox An Arctic Wild Animal


Muskox an arctic mammal Where to find: Muskox is an inhabitant of the Arctic regions. He lives in the Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Northern Europe, and Russia especially Siberia region. Habitat: Muskox prefers lives in the wet valleys where the grass is abundant and rivers flow. Anyway, during the winter, he moves on the slopes of the mountains where the snow … Read more

Black Bear An American Friend

Yellowstone Bears in the past

American Black Bear a friend or a robber? Where to find: The black bear is present throughout the North American continent and therefore in a region that goes from Alaska to Mexico including all the states of the United States and Canada. Habitat: The favorite habitat of the black red is certainly the forest of which it is very rich … Read more

Wild tiger cub – for the first time on film – David Attenborough

Wild tiger cubs

First time filmed by David Attenborough this wonderful tiger with her cub. Usually, she stays very hide and is very difficult to see her with cub young like this. And never was filmed before now.
Tiger, in this short amazing document, is shown really vulnerable. In particular, will recommend paying attention to the delicate action especially when mom takes the cubs with the mouth. The biggest cat of the earth move her tooth like a super delicate robot with the cubs but like a terrible weapon when killing the prey.
Another thing makes this document so special, the tiger can birth from one to four cubs, anyway, four are an unusual event.
Normally, mom keeps in the cave well protected the cub for a long time. The cubs are blind and they can’t defend they self from predators. But this cubs looks very brave and they want to discover the new world quickly.

First time filmed by David Attenborough this wonderful tiger with her cub, usually she stay very hide and is very difficult to see her

Inland Taipan The Most Venomous Snakes

Inland Taipan the most venomous snake in the world Where to find: Inland Taipan inhabits the desert regions of Australia. Typically, as the name says, are the inland regions of East Australia. Habitat: His habitat is the semi-arid plans, it is not a common snake. Dimensions: The Inland Taipan is generally between 1.8 to 2 meters length. Some specimens can … Read more

Hippopotamus Fat Fast and Furious

Hippopotamus Masai Mara Kenya

Hippopotamus a Fat Fast and Furious Wild Animal Where to find The hippopotamus is present in all Sub-Saharan Africa but unfortunately in very limited number. In South Africa is even no more present. Habitat: Like his scientific name suggests hippopotamus is an amphibian animal. So is areal is commonly in the rivers and lakes. He lives most of the time inside water while is … Read more

Nile Crocodile – The Art Of Ambush

Nile Crocodile – from the Cretaceous to our days Where to find Nile crocodile is present in all Sub-Saharan Africa. There are some discussions about the populations of the west and central Africa. Someone consider these population a distinct species. The studies about the west and central populations were been deep and the result is a division in distinct species. Habitat The … Read more

Nile crocodiles attack gazelle group

Nile crocodiles

We introduce the today another dangerous wild animal, the Nile Crocodile. It is one of the most dangerous animals in Africa.

Is not simple to understand the real number of people killed yearly by this reptile. But one thing is sure, together with the hippopotamus are responsible then more than thousand people killed every year.  He can rich the length of 6 meters and a weight up to a thousand kilos.

Usually, he lives to close the water of rivers and lakes and his a perfect swimmer, generally, when he sees the prey he hides in the water and waits up the prey go to the water for drink and then the attack. He can attack preys even very big like wildebeests or buffaloes, then he drills his body up to break the victim body, so he can eat easily.

Serengeti lions of Tanzania

Lions of Tanzania The lions of Tanzania Lions of Tanzania, the first time I had the opportunity to do a campsite experience in the Serengeti was many years ago, we were totally inexperienced with wildlife. First time in Savannah It was our first experience and our guide even though it was skillful to spot animals far, but he was not very intelligent. … Read more



Hunting Tactics

Who is orca (Orcinus orca)

Orcas or killer whales (Orcinus orca) are the alpha mammals of oceans. No one animal, fish or mammal in the sea can kill her. She is an incredible killer, her body is special. The killer whale is a special machine invented by mother nature to dominate the oceans. She can be ultra-rapid and at same time ultra-silent.

There are three different populations of orcas: The residents, the migrators and the offshore. And they have a different diet, consequently even different hunting technics.

Primary characteristic of the dolphin family

Another primary characteristic of the killer whales is the big clever. This characteristic is more evident in the group hunting. The strategy is absolutely amazing it seems like a military action.

One example of hunting tactics is the attack on the seals on the floating ice. According to the composition of the pod, the matriarch looking for a prey and when she sees it she calls the pod. The pod arrives close to the ice platform at very high speed and with coordinated movement provoke a wave that pushes the seal on the water where she will be captured and killed. You can think the seal is small and it is not enough for all components of the pod. Probably it is true but the orca’s pod will divide the food between all components in equal parts.

On the beach like a brave warrior

Another spectacular tactical action is the hunting of the sea lions on the beach. It is even a danger action but the killer whale is specialist and cleaver. One orca swims close to the beach where has been spotted a prey near the water. This orca will do nothing to hide, quite the contrary she shows very well her dorsal fin. The prey looking for the menace is concentrated to control her movements and is in this moment that the second killer whale fast arrive. She has been hidden all time and now is a second is out of the water to take the seal or most times a calf of a sea lion.

The return into the sea is not simple for orcas but her powerful musculature help.

No natural enemies for killer whales

Killer whale (Orcinus orca) the king of the sea, just the man are a danger for her. She dominates the large part of the earth because the two-thirds of the earth is covered by water.  She is very adaptable and thanks to her cleverness in any situation she can take advantage.

Her hunting tactics is efficient even against white sharks and other sharks species.  But maybe the most impressive is technically employed in the hunting of whale calf. The pod works together to separate the calf from the mother. When the calf is separate an orca will cover with her body his dorsal blowhole up the whale dies.

Orcas and man

Despite this incredible power demonstration, an attack against a man is never been recorded. The only attacks documented are the occurred in captivity. According to the scientists that attacks against humans have been caused by the stress of the captivity. Above all, we want to remember the dramatic story of Tilikum and her trainer.

To demonstrate the sweet character of killer whale (Orcinus orca) there are many amatorial clips recorded by people on small boats like these orcas in the New Zeland coast.

Lion vs Maasai, Human Wildlife conflict

Maasai vs Lions

Human-Wildlife conflict Human-Wildlife conflict is present everywhere in the world, where there is contact between humans and wild animals. It is a big problem in the modern era because many species are endangered. The real problem is not the wildlife but human interests. Priorities Most times people think that economic interests have priority on all. But is not the correct approach to understand the … Read more