Serengeti National Park Tanzania Wildlife

Lions in Serengeti National Parks

Serengeti National Park Tanzania Wildlife Serengeti National Park Geography of Serengeti National Park Serengeti National Park is wonderful, also because it has many different environments. The altitude ranging from 900 mt to 1800 mt, and this is because of many zones with a variety of characteristics. The south and all the central … Read more

Lion vs Maasai, Human Wildlife conflict

Maasai vs Lions

Human-Wildlife conflict Human-Wildlife conflict is present everywhere in the world, where there is contact between humans and wild animals. It is a big problem in the modern era because many species are endangered. The real problem is not the wildlife but human interests. Priorities Most times people think that economic interests have priority … Read more

The Big Wolf Built to Kill

Wolf attack the bison

The Big Wolf Built to Kill

A very interesting documentary to illustrate the techniques of wolves hunting. The first scene shows while isolating a small bison but adults and mother save it. Then see a wounded adult isolate and using their technique to cause profound wounds in the perineum area. With this technique, the animal quickly loses a lot of blood and consequently the forces.

Then there is a nice short video with a puma female with the puppies hunting a young deer and then playing the puppies with the prey. Another scene is an attempt to attack an elk puppy but the mother defends it.

Then a night hunting is always at a moose but also explained the technique well. Then a beautiful scene of male alpha power dominating the young.

Salmon hunt while laying eggs. Then a hunt for a big deer bark very beautiful shows all pack strategy and the frontal attack this time deadly directed at the throat of a female that is isolated.

A scene sings about the death of an old male whose carcass is eaten by birds after which was overcome by a young male who then became the new alpha male.
Immediately afterward the new alpha is attacked as a fork demonstration of a female deer to which he does not give up.
Finally, a puma kills a deer but the wolves arrive, the puma immediately fights and goes away but the alpha male insists and tired the puma that eventually has to leave.
Here is the strategy, intelligence, and resistance as well as the strength that make this animal one of the most feared of the wild world.

Puff Adder, Why He Is the Major African Killer

Puff Adder

The Puff Adder

The puff adder is famous because of the toxicity of its poison and for its spread. It is on the list of the most dangerous snakes in the world. Although mainly spread in Africa.

It’s a short and squat snake that camouflages very well with the stones. We list him in our snakes series in the first places because this snake is causing the largest number of victims in Africa.

Puff Adder on dunes of Namibia
photo by Bird Brian

The poison

Its poison is cytotoxic and causes hemorrhagic necrosis and various types of devastations. In the case of this snake, the poison also serves to catch the prey that will be ingested only after total necrosis.
Where’s the danger of this snake? soon said. A very strong poison is injected in a massive dose. And also he camouflages very well.
Keep in mind that it usually strikes low because of the shape of its body.
The teeth 40 mm long and very strong and penetrating make three-quarters of the work.
You can resolve the bite of the puff adder with a polyvalent antidote in a hospital. ( if you arrive in time of course )

The behavior of the puff adder

Like we wrote above, he likes the camouflage. He is very good in this practice, so it is easy that people walking and disturb him very close. It stays rounded minus the part of the head. That part stays in an S position, like a spring ready to shoot.

What happens when he sees you depend from the distance between you and the snake. If you touch him or you are at small centimeters, is very probably he’ll bite you.

If you are farther probably he begins to emit the characteristic breath. It is the better situation for you, it is simply telling you “take care man! it is better to stay far from me!!”. Follow his suggestion and leave slowly but sure from there.

In conclusion

The African puff adder is present in all African the continent. This is another important reason for the numbers of people killed by him in Africa. Mamba is very more dangerous to him but he doesn’t have its diffusion.

Polar Bear Mom and Cubs

Polar bear with cub

Watch this two new cubs of ice bear to see the world ( the frozen world!! ) for the first time, beautiful like all NG documentaries

Credits: National Geographic

Inland Taipan The Most Venomous Snakes

Inland Taipan is an Australian venomus snake

Inland Taipan the most venomous snake in the world Where to find: Inland Taipan inhabits the desert regions of Australia. Typically, as the name says, are the inland regions of East Australia. Habitat: His habitat is the semi-arid plans, it is not a common snake. Dimensions: The Inland Taipan is … Read more

Black Mamba Vs Mongoose

black mamba vs mongoose

Black Mamba Vs Mongoose

Black Mamba Vs Mongoose

He is considerate the more danger snack in the earth, is true?

No, it is not, but absolutely he is one of the more dangerous of the planet earth. He has two characteristics which determine this fame. The first is his deadly attack, quick and repeated, can bite up to 12 times consecutively with impressive rapidity. The second reason is the toxicity of his poison.

The poison

The black mamba poison is a very powerful neurotoxin that is injected in large quantities. And in any case, much more than needed to kill a man is not very dense and circulates very quickly. Many people have asked me if it is possible to survive the black mamba’s bite. It depends simply on how far you are away from an antidote center.

If you can be transported or get it to you in a matter of minutes your chances are good, but if you are far away I’m sorry for you but it’s your last few minutes of life.

So why you say is not the more dangerous?

The Black Mamba, however, does not usually hunt man and the attacks that occur are generally due to the inattentiveness of the unfortunate.

Mamba hunting birds, mice, and generally small mammals. He spends a lot of time on trees hunting birds, its size is remarkable and can reach 4 meters in length.

Mamba, as practically all the wild animals, when you meet him tells you that you are doing something wrong. He stands up in front of you and opens his mouth showing his black image of death.

Back calmly without panic and then go to a safe place. Remember that it is the fastest snake of the earth and reaches 20 km per hour. It is not even so common to find, so even the accidental encounter is not common.

Suggestions: If you are in Savannah or other remote areas of Africa, wear shoes and proper clothes, do not walk with the slippers in the savannah because the Masai do it, mamba is just one of the hundreds of dangers that hide the African savannah and you are not Masai.

Black Mamba is considered Least Concern on the IUCN Red List

His competitor

Mamba has a natural enemy, the mongoose, she is the only animal with more speed than him in the attack.

Mongoose the mamba nightmare

Mongoose is a carnivore, his body can be long from 25 up to 60 cm. 34 different species of Mongoose exist, divided from Asia and Africa. She is a social animal, she lives in groups sometimes even big, and they move all day.

Sometimes can arrive to move up 9 km in one single day but usually very less. We can say is normal to move around three or four km per day. But why the mongoose move a lot? The reason is the continues food research. Her preferred prey is the snack but she likes even rat and other small animals. So is very important the mongoose presence for the ecosystem balancing.

The mortal attack of mongoose

The mongoose when attack cobra or mambas use the movement strategy joined to speedy biting. With movement, she confuses the snake by turning around with quick change gears. Then she attacks with super speed and bit the snack on the head, the attack is never long usually one or two minutes.

Did you know? Mongoose in Africa often shares the den with hyenas and warthog, not at the same time but when a den is abandoned from Hyena usually will be occupied from mongoose or warthog.

The birds hunter – caracal jump

Caracal jump

Caracal Jump Caracal is medium size, is a reddish coat and is native to Africa, is famous because he is one of the more efficient bird’s hunter. He is an incredible jumper and he catches his prey higher than 3 meters. Is not simple to see him, he loves to … Read more

For Safari Lovers Lions vs Zebra Hunting

Lions vs zebra in Africa

Lions vs Zebra

Lions vs Zebra is one of the most impressive scenes that you can see in safari. Obviously, I’m not talking about hunting by human but hunting by predators.  Also one of the more spectacular is the hunting by lionesses.

It is not easy to see, most of the times it is happening in nocturnal hours. When the predator can take advantage of darkness. Watching the video you can see the preparing of attack. Unfortunately is not showed the strategy used by the lionesses, just an aerial movie toke from above can show it.  Anyway, you can see the lioness cringe and move very slowly inside the grass. In this phase, the other lionesses are moving around creating a situation where the target is pushed to be isolated from the herd. If it doesn’t happen the strategy will change and also the position of the lionesses change.

In the video, it is showed very well this case, but even the second attempt is in the same line, a lioness prepare the attack from behind and when she starts all depends from the distance and reflex of the prey. Lioness runs 35 miles per hours and it not very different from zebra.   However, the lioness can reach even 50 miles per hours for limited lengths and most of the time is enough.

A different strategy

Another hunting strategy of lions consists of the forced isolation of a weak element of the heard. Calves or injured animals are the preferred prey of predators. The reason is simple they are easiest to hunt, the success possibility of attack is higher. Need to remember that 50% of the attacks only have success.

It is the cycle of the life in Savannah, there is no choice, predator or prey you must to fight for survival.

A park where you can see lions vs zebra is the South African Kruger National Park

5 wild animals extinct totally or in nature only


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