Antarctica Emperor Pinguins

Antarctica, without a global vision no future remain!   The obstructionism of 3 of the 25 member countries of the commission prevented the birth of the biggest marine protected area of the world.   This is a bad moment for the movements that are fighting for the creation of aRead More →


India One Of Biggest Wildlife Paradise India The Wildlife Paradise. Country: India Official Language: Hindi and English Area: 3,287,263 sq Km Population : 1.3 Bl Capital city: New Delhi Largest city: Mumbai Environment In India, there are 4 important ecozones. The Himalaya, the Indo-Gangetic plains,  the Deccan Plateau, and the Ghats. InRead More →

Safari Botswana

Safari Botswana discovering the Okavango Delta. Safari Botswana Botswana is a South African country. It doesn’t touch the sea, but its geographic position makes it a jewel. It is set on a plateau and 70% of its surface is occupied by the Kalahari desert. The capital city is Gaborone. DespiteRead More →

Yellowstone Park

Yellowstone Park oldest world park Yellowstone Park is the oldest world park Country: United States State: Wyoming, Montana, Idaho Region: Part of Rocky Mountains Ecosystem: Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Area: 8.983 km2 Established: 1978 Visitors / Y: 4,257,156 (year 2016) Internet site: Yellowstone National Park Flora Lodgepole pine represents the 80%Read More →

Peru Adventure Machu Pichu

Wildland and ancient culture Peru adventure – the country Peru adventure Today we travel to South America to visit a wonderful nation, Peru. We will dedicate more than one post in the future. Let’s start by saying that Peru is a nation that has 4 different ecosystems. And that isRead More →

Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon and his habitat Komodo Dragon Scientific Name: Varanus komodoensis English name: Komodo Dragon Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Reptilia Order: Squamata Family: Varanidae Link to Red List page: Komodo Dragon IUCN Red List Habitat: We like to talk about this park because of his historical evolution. Since when is bornRead More →

Polar bear

Wild Russia experience of uncontaminated nature Country Russia Federation Region/State Russia Official Language Russian Area 17.075.200 km2 Population 144.463.451 Density 8.4/km2 Capital city Moscow Largest city Moscow 12 mil.[wp_bannerize group=”inarticle”] Climate The climate of Russia is variable, with his incredible extension can’t be different. The climate can be divided inRead More →

Alaska the land of bears and ices Country United States Of America Region/State Alaska Official Language English 86% native and other languages 14% Area 1.717.000 km q Population 736.000 Density 0.43 ab/kmq Capital city Juneau Largest city Anchorage Climate The Alaska climate is cold, everywhere you go is cold, justRead More →

Father Frost arrived in Oymyakon the coldest village in the earth. Even this year Father Frost arrived in Oymyakon ( Russia )for the joy of the children who were able to visit his ice cave. Then Father Frost lit the Christmas tree as usual. Oymyakon is a lost village inRead More →

Sand Creek massacre 29 November 1865 the American’s shame, in Colorado a group of 675 mans in force of cavalry, attack and destroy the Cheyenne and Arapaho village, about 70 to 165 people were killed an at least two thirds were woman and children ( source Wikipedia ) , thisRead More →

live with nomads mongolia

live with nomads mongolia live with nomads mongolia, when we speak about Mongolia we remember  Genghis Khan. Lived between 1162 and 1227, its great merit was to unify all the territories won under one single empire. One of the greatest that the story remembers. Mongolia is predominantly composed of steepRead More →

In this episode Ray Mears explore the coast, another brick in the biodiversity of this country.Read More →

In this episode Ray Mears explore the desert, another brick in the biodiversity of this country.Read More →

In this episode Ray Mears explore the rain-forest another brick in the biodiversity of this country.Read More →

In this episode Ray Mears explore the Reef, another brick in the biodiversity of this country.Read More →

In this episode Ray Mears explore the wet lands another brick in the biodiversity of this country.Read More →

I watched this documentary very nicely, is By RT Documentaries and let me tell you is very well done. Ok someone can tell is not strictly wild but for me is an error, the northern place even if inhabited by the civilized community like Murmansk, is wild and in the documentaryRead More →

Dr. Susan Canney Project manager of Mali Elephant Project explain the project, is very interesting to understand the behind of conservation project. In this case she explain about the biggest herd of elephant, up to 700 live together in a huge herdRead More →

I’m simply without words, this documentary thanks to Kate Humble is presented very well and it is easy to understand the lifestyle of the nomads populations. In this first of three documentary she meet the Nepal’s nomads. Nomads are absolutely wild, this lifestyle requires great adaptability and knowledge  of theRead More →

Fascinating story about Inuit lifestyle, don’t loseRead More →

This video show more falling in famous glaciers around the world, this happen because the glaciers are moving continuously so is naturla at the end of travel fall down in the sea or lakesRead More →

Spectacular effect of the aurora borealis , the video is a time lapse and the effect is amazingRead More →

Short video where we have the first approach with this remote and wild land: the TibetRead More →

Laos is one of the wild lands on the earth, forests, rivers, wild animals like tigers elephants and leopards, discover in this special documantaryRead More →

With National Geografic documentay we discover the coldest region of the eartRead More →