Wild Russia uncontaminated nature

Wild Russia experience of uncontaminated nature

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St Basil CathedralClimate

The climate of Russia is variable, with his incredible extension can’t be different. The climate can be divided in four zones, first is the polar climate and it cover the northeast strip along the north coast and the far east. Second is sub-arctic climate, is characterized by taiga and it cover mostly of wild Russia and the north of European Russia. The third is the humid continental climate that cover all the remain territory. Fourth the typical climate of coast of Black Sea. So you can pass from the regular -50 of arctic region to the 20 ( but even much more) of continental region


With the huge natural resources have, Russia have an economy very developed. Natural resource are petroleum, natural gas, metals and wood, they value the 80% of Russian export. Agriculture is another important sector, a good vision of the Govern has permitted the growing quick of the agriculture and became from great importer of wheat to be the firsth exporter. Other sectors are industry, defense, cars, transportation. The tourism is in great expansion, Moscow and St. Petersburgh are the two first visited places from the classic cultural tourism. The natural tourism is actually concentrate in the Lake Baikal that is the ancientest and deep lake of the world in a land with mountains of taiga covered. Anyway the wildlife tourism is growing, the new media and advertisement help tourists to discover even other parts very very nice. I want to remember the North Russia and specially the Siberia are composed by immense expanses of taiga, is ascertained that there ase many places in Siberia where never man has been.


Is necessary to stay far from the regions where there are conflicts, specially the separatist republics, so we invite you to consult the dedicated office in your country when you plan the travel. Other places are not different from a common European Capital city. About the remote and wild Russia regions is necessary to adopt all the necessary precaution, included the satellite phone, and remember specially the arctic region is very cold and the electronic apparels have a big problem with the batteries.


Christian included catholic are the 62% of population, while the agnostic atheist and without religion are the 32%, the remaining percentage is very fragmented other ideas.

Wild Russia Siberian Tiger
Siberian Tiger CC0 licence

Wild Russia

Is necessary to say some numbers before to talk about the Russian wildlife because sometime is not enough to say Russia is huge, the north row that arrive to the far east across 12 time zone!! half world circumference at that latitude, yes is huge and now you understand how much.
Beyond the north row their is the territory of Siberia up to the far east, so if in the north raw is tundra the remaining is taiga. Taiga is the biggest forest of the world, some numbers: taiga is covering 5,000,000 square kilometers and is the 23% of the world’s forests!!
Russian Federation have published the Red Data Book, where are listed all the species of flora and fauna threatened, in totally are 266 mammal species and 780 bird species plus flora.[wp_bannerize group=”inarticle”]
Animals of tundra and taiga are many, and someone are very special, so very special that they risk extinction, one is the amur leopard, 30 specimens only remain, and Caspian tiger there has 500 only.
Another special animal is the reindeer, I know you are asking why, again we leave the numbers to explain, the population of reindeer is estimated in 5.000.000, it is a very big number.
Other animals of wild Russia we list now, and this list even if is not very long, will explain why the  Russia’s wildlife  is so special: reindeer, Lemmings, Arctic

Amur Leopard Wild Russia
Amur Leopard CC0 licence

fox, seals, walruses , polar bears, whales, squirrels, chipmunks, voles polecats, brown bear, lynx, wolves, foxes, wolverines, sable, Elk, wild boar, saiga, mountain goat, wild goat, mouflon , chamois, Persian leopard, bison, vulture, griffon vulture, imperial eagle, peregrine falcon, goshawk, snow cock, salmon, sea eagles, Siberian tiger, Caspian tiger, Amur leopard, Asian black bears.
About wildlife we told, now is time for wild land, there is no doubt, Russia is wild land, if in the large continental and south part is nott too cold, in the north raw ans Siberia the climate is severe, is so severe which there is even the “Pole of Cold”. The “Pole of Cold” is the in Yacutia region and is composed by 2 villages that are Verkhoyansk and another village that we dedicated a nice post, Oymyakon . The numbers are impressive again , in Verkhoyansk on January 15, 1885, a temperature of −67.8 °C was recorded, then in Oymyakon weather station on 1924, a temperature of −71.2 °C was recorded. There are some discussion about this second measurement because the weather station is located at 750 mt of altitude but the data in absolute terms remain incredible.
So visit wild Russia but don’t forget the wool hat and whom gloves!![wp_bannerize group=”inarticle”]

Alaska the land of bears and ices

Alaska the land of bears and ices

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The Alaska climate is cold, everywhere you go is cold, just near the south coast is a little bit better, but normaly in January a range between -15 and -40 degree.


Economy of Alaska include natural gas and crude petroleum , fishing and tourism. Other resource are the gold and coal.


There is not important safety recommendation, just remember to be prudent, you are in another country and another culture, so you need to respect that culture.
most important event in Alaska is definitively the Idita Road, the more famous sled dog competition. It start in Anchorage and ending in Nome village after 1.600 kilometers, here the story of Idita Road


Christian included catholic are the 62% of population, while the agnostic atheist and without religion are the 32%, the remaining percentage is very fragmented other ideas.

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A part of Alaska is beyond the Arctic Circle, this meaning that climate in that regions is very strong, -40 degrees is normal and in remote places can arrive over -50. If you decide to visit Alaska in the winter, from October to march but sometime even May, is better you considerate to ask the best suggestions from locals, because if you will go in the south coast will be very different than to go in the Arctic and different must to be the equipment necessary. Can be very danger to approach -50 degrees without the correct equipment.
If you are asking why to go in winter if there is this whether condition, is simple, in the winter you can see the best sunsets and specially the northern lights are amazing, the coldest and clear nights will give you the best opportunity for to observe the northern lights.
Alaskan people need to fight every winter against the Cabin Fever, the winter is cold, dark and solitary, if you will be passive is probably you will be affect by Seasonal Affective Disorder.

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If you plan to stay long term in the region in winter, is better you provide to study some activities, that will keep you occupied and the mind will remain stable.
Specially in rural and remote places, the inhabits love to drink alcoholic, and they drink a lot, the drinking joined to the severe winter conditions create the condition for mental problems, is not a small issue, the number of suicide is too high and so the Govern was been constrict to forbidden alcohol in some villages.
Better will be if you join to locals in the winter activities like the ice skating or whether sledding.
If you think to rent a car is better to take a good lesson how to maintain a car in Alaskan winter, or you will rent a block of ice.
If you rent a house check if there is the correct warming system, if is not enough warm you will have many issues.
A not exhaustive list of land and marine mammals.
Brown bear, lynx, gray wolf, arctic fox, elk, reindeer, musk ox, Black bear, moose, polar bear, Kodiak bear, bison, Coyote and wolverine. ringed seal, harbor porpoise, ribbon seal, harbor seal, north pacific right whale, bowhead whale, blue whale, fin whale, elephant seal, northern fur seal, gray whale, sperm whale, humpback whale, beluga whale, killer whale and many more, watch the complete list of  Alaska fauna here in the official Alaska Site.[wp_bannerize group=”inarticle”]

Father Frost arrived in Oymyakon the coldest village in the earth

Father Frost arrived in Oymyakon the coldest village in the earth.

Father FrostEven this year Father Frost arrived in Oymyakon ( Russia )for the joy of the children who were able to visit his ice cave. Then Father Frost lit the Christmas tree as usual.

Oymyakon is a lost village in the east of the Yakutia region. This place is very special, is one of the coldest places in the earth where normally in January the temperature is -50 degrees with a record registered of -67.7 in the 1933.

Father Frost is a traditional equivalent of Father Christmas but they are different, Fater Frost at the beginning was a wizard and is like a mythological figure and he have the power of to froze the people. His residence is considerate in Veliky Ustyug,[wp_bannerize group=”inarticle”]

Famous is a fable where is possible recognize is frost powerful:

Once there was a woman who had both a daughter of her own, whom she loved, and a step-daughter, whom she hated. One day, the woman ordered her husband to take her stepdaughter out into the winter fields and leave her there to die, and he obeys. Morozko finds her there; she is polite and kind to him, so he gives her a chest full of beautiful things and fine garments. After a while, her stepmother sends her father to bring back the girl’s body to be buried, which he also obeys. After a while, the family dog says that the girl is coming back, and that she is beautiful and happy.

When the stepmother sees what her stepdaughter has brought back, she orders her husband to take her own daughter out into the fields. Unlike before, this child is rude to Morozko, and he freezes her to death. When her husband goes out to bring her back, the dog says that she will be buried. When the father brings back the body, the old woman weeps.

The day when children find the presents is New Year day

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