BBC Living with Nomads 1/3 Nepal

I’m simply without words, this documentary thanks to Kate Humble is presented very well and it is easy to understand the lifestyle of the nomads populations. In this first of three documentary she meet the Nepal’s nomads.

Nomads are absolutely wild, this lifestyle requires great adaptability and knowledge  of the nature and environment. in Nepal the life is so strong and just the ancestral secrets permit at the nomad to survive

Credits: BBC

Complete Inuit shaman life story 1922

Fascinating story about Inuit lifestyle, don’t lose

The glaciers fallings

This video show more falling in famous glaciers around the world, this happen because the glaciers are moving continuously so is naturla at the end of travel fall down in the sea or lakes

Night of the Northern Lights

Spectacular effect of the aurora borealis , the video is a time lapse and the effect is amazing

Tibet and the Himalayas

Short video where we have the first approach with this remote and wild land: the Tibet Tweet