Sand Creek massacre – an American blot

Cheyenne show

Sand Creek massacre 29 November 1865 the American’s shame, in Colorado a group of 675 men in force of cavalry, attack and destroy the Cheyenne and Arapaho village, about 70 to 165 people were killed an at least two-thirds were woman and children ( source Wikipedia), this is Sand Creek Massacre. The Sand Creek Massacre was something horrifying and nonsense, … Read more

Live with Nomad Mongolia

Mongolia Nomads

Live with Mongolia’s nomads live with nomads Mongolia, when we speak about Mongolia we remember  Genghis Khan. Lived between 1162 and 1227, its great merit was to unify all the territories won under one single empire. One of the greatest that the story remembers. Mongolia is predominantly composed of the steppe, south of the Gobi desert and north of the … Read more

Nomadic Tribes of Sahara


Nomadic Tribes of Sahara Ulad El Mizna tribe Nomadic Tribes Mauritania In one of the most inhospitable lands of the planet live the Ulad El Mizna tribe. The land is the west of the Sahara desert. This part of the Sahara desert is in the Mauritania country. Fascinating and mysterious, the children of the cloud ( is meaning Ulad El Mizna) … Read more

Namibia Himba Tribe

Himba Tribe

This is a press report by CGTN Africa and it shows the Himba tribe tradition and the difficult to preserve it when the tourism impact and consequently the modern progress it so height like now. Credits: CCTV’s Maria Galang

Jerzy Kukuczka The Polish Star

Jerzy Kukuczka in Hindukush region

It is 24 October 1989, Jerzy Kukuczka dies climbing the south face of Lhotse. Jerzy Kukuczka The news making the round of the world, the man considered to be the only one capable of competing with Reinhold Messner end his life trying to reach the Lhotse summit through the south face. The extraordinary life of this extraordinary mountaineer end forever. … Read more

Eskimo Hunters in Alaska

Eskimo hunters

A very nice documentary where is possible to see the Inuit lifestyle almost 70 years ago. The video has been made in 1949 with primitive technology. This population survives by hunting and fishing even now.

Treepeople of Irian Jaya

Irian Jaya treepeople

This tribe build houses in the tops of trees and some of them are placed as high as 40 m

Credits: Peter Brown

Lion vs Maasai, Human Wildlife conflict

Maasai vs Lions

Human-Wildlife conflict Human-Wildlife conflict is present everywhere in the world, where there is contact between humans and wild animals. It is a big problem in the modern era because many species are endangered. The real problem is not the wildlife but human interests. Priorities Most times people think that economic interests have priority on all. But is not the correct approach to understand the … Read more

Torobo hunter-gatherer of Rift Valley

Torobo hunters

Torobo hunter-gatherer The Torobo knows as Dorobo What Torobo is meaning The following paragraph is from the site In hundreds of Kenya and Tanzania’s’ tribes, there are thousands of cultural influences. So it is very difficult to understand the exact rule of the Dorobo people. The “Dorobo” are not one tribe.  Rather, the term Dorobo referred to the original forest-dwelling … Read more