BBC Living with Nomads 2/3 Siberia

second part of the BBC documentary dedicated to nomads people, Siberia is one of more wild place i the world, -40 in the night is normal life there is absolutely strong and the documentary talk even about the problem caused by a big oil company to the wildlife. Very nice don’t lost Tweet

BBC Living with Nomads 1/3 Nepal

I’m simply without words, this documentary thanks to Kate Humble is presented very well and it is easy to understand the lifestyle of the nomads populations. In this first of three documentary she meet the Nepal’s nomads.

Nomads are absolutely wild, this lifestyle requires great adaptability and knowledge  of the nature and environment. in Nepal the life is so strong and just the ancestral secrets permit at the nomad to survive

Credits: BBC

Complete Inuit shaman life story 1922

Fascinating story about Inuit lifestyle, don’t lose

Namibia's Himba Tribe

This is a press report by CGTN Africa and it report the Himba tribe tradition and the difficult to maintain it when the tourism impact and consequently the modern progress  it so height like now Credits: CCTV’s Maria Galang Tweet

Eskimo Hunters in Alaska

Very nice documentary, is possible to see the Inuit lifestyle almost 70 years ago and even the video was made  in 1949 with primitive technology. This population survive by hunting and fishing even now

Treepeople of Irian Jaya

This tribe build houses in the tops of trees and some of them are placed as high as 40 m

Credits: Peter Brown