Cecil The Lion The Cruel Truth About Killing

Cecil The Lion – is died after many hours of agony

Cecil the lion dies after many hours of agony and was a choice of his killer.

A new book

The new is so strong, as so was strong was the Cecile the lion death. In an article in National Geographic by Wildlife Watch, there is an excerpt from a new book. The book is written by the Oxford University biologist Andrew Loveridge. The book will be published on 10th April.

Loveridge studied Cecil the lion for eight years before his killing. So he decides to investigate the real fact about his last days of life.


Cecil The Lion
Cecil The Lion – Licence cc-by-sa-2.0

What he discovered it makes a horrible shadow on the personality of the American dentist Walter Palmer. In the book, there are the results of the Loveridge’s investigations. At the investigations in the place, he has joined the collar Gps data. According to the collar data, Cecil the lion has been shot while eating an elephant carcass.  And from when it has shot and when is died are passed at least 10 hours.


So there are some questions about the timeline of the facts. First of all, the elephant was shot for to attract the lions? Why Cecil the lion is left in agony all that time? And why Walter Palmer ask for to hunt an over 63 pounds elephant?

The real reasons are again mysterious but Loveridge makes some hypothesis locking realistic. In particular, he supposes Cecil was a big trophy. And a Palmer project was to register a hunting record book as a bow-hunted specimen. In this case, is forbidden the use of the rifle.

The biggest mystery is the request of a big elephant. In fact, at the time of Cecile the lion killing, the importation on the US of the trophy was forbidden. Maybe to understand this focal point can help to discover new ways of the illegal market.


We are waiting for the book, to read all maybe can help to understand better the results of investigations. By the way of the book, it talks about the conservation and even about the behavior of the lions. So we think it will be a very interesting reading. The title of the book is Lion Hearted: The Life and Death of Cecil and the Future of Africa’s Iconic Cats.

Cecile was one of the iconic African lions. And this story shows once again the problem of trophy hunting.

Source: National Geographic

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