Climate Change Environmental Politics

Climate Change And Environmental Politics

Pollution between the Shangai buildings
Photo by Holger Link

The drought in Africa has always been a problem. In recent years climate change has forced us to observe the phenomenon. Are increasing in some areas. Certainly, it is not a novelty but it is a strong signal. We need to change direction early. Will soon have to deal with really dramatic situations.

United States climate change choices

The previous paragraph was written last year and wait to publish. The opportunity had not been presented. But now we believe that arrives at the moment. A series hurricanes and the fires that have made many victims in the United States. It is time to start a global discussion. The environmental policies of the current US administration lead to one direction. The desertification of many areas of the planet. And the rising oceans themselves due to the melting of polar glaciers.

Africa climate change situation

The problem in Africa is growing, in the rural areas and in the areas close to the protected areas such as the National Parks and Reserves, the conflict of human and wildlife having dramatically consequent both for humans and animals. A mirror of this situation is found in Kenya in the area of Tsavo West Park, where animal incursions are increasingly frequent, in villages where the locals live. The consequences are heavy for species like elephants. Wherever they go in search of water they create problems. People in addition to losing their goods are also afraid for their lives.

Increasing of bovine herds

The fact and place mentioned in the post are just one example. There are really many places in Kenya where this situation is causing problems. Let’s remember that this country (like others else) has the plague of poaching. In recent years there is another serious problem. It is the indiscriminate increasing of bovine animals bred for human consumption. All these animals do not have enough space to graze. Therefore the shepherds are brought to the parks by the reserves and often also by private property causing huge problems.


In a delicate ecosystem like the African savannah. This situation creates a great issue for wild animals. They go in close contact with the shepherds with the consequences we all know. As a result, the shepherds kill lions and elephants by themselves. You can have an idea of the issue in this article about Masai Mara 2015 facts.


In conclusion, it is not the purpose of this post to find guilty or to impose ideas. But we want to remark the necessity of greater respect for the environment and for wildlife.
It is no longer possible to think just for your own country. We need to think, for example, the US or another country emits too much Co2. The consequences will be not only in the US. Will be all over the world. And to pay the highest price is the poor populations and more vulnerable ecosystems.

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