Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2017

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Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2017 The Winners

It is a very pleasure to write an article about The Comedy Wildlife Awards. The people work in the media field know how much is difficult to invent new situations and have new ideas, because it is absolutely necessary to involve the public and to have an effective impact.

The Comedy Wildlife Awards is a new idea about to involve people to help wildlife conservation programs. It consists of a photographic award but not as usual. For example, the National Geographic photographic award, because the subject inspirational must be the funny wildlife.

The pictures must be a shoot of funny wildlife and in perfect eco style, nature must be left calm. It is not simple like you can think, you need to pass more and more time in wildlife observation. You need to be lucky and when the moment arrives you need to be ready to fix the moment.

The award is started in 2015 from an idea of Tom Sullam and Paul Joynson-Hicks and is growing quickly.  What moved  Tom and Paul to organize the award? simply the awareness of wildlife conservation, like the partnership with Born Free Foundation shows.

How to do to help the conservation? go to visit The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards official site.

Look what’s they are doing for conservation, an easy way is to buy one of their books.

Otherwise, you can follow the link for the Born Free Foundation, a Charity foundation active throughout the world.

Here we are therefore talking about the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2017, we’ll show the winners by category.

Over 3500 entries from across the globe battled it out to be named the winner of five categories – Overall winner, On The Land, Under The Sea, In The Air, and the Portfolio Category

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2017

The Land

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2017 The Land
The Land prize went to Andrea Zampatti for his precious photo of a euphoric tiny field mouse at the top of a flower

Under The Sea

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2017 Under The Sea
Troy Mayne won the Under The Sea category for his hilarious photo of a fish being slapped by a grumpy sea turtle’s fin

In The Air

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2017 In The Air
John Threlfall snagged the In The Air prize for his photograph of four birds soaring across the sky, while one appears to be subtly passing wind out a stream of cloud

Portfolio and Overall Winner

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2017 The Winner
The overall winner, and portfolio Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2017 winner, was awarded to Tibor Kercz for his brilliant photo series of an owl losing its footing on a branch and desperately trying to claw his way back on to join his buddies




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