Conversations between animals

In the stable conversation

In the stable of a farm, a pig looks puzzled for a moment the donkey that is next to him and then exclaims: “Donkey! But you know that you’re really ugly? All gray, small, with those long ears .. just suck! “. The donkey does not react and the pig returns to the charge: “But then … what kind of life do you do? … … from morning to night loaded with weights and if you stop you are beaten and then .. and then you know that for men Are you the symbol of stupidity? But do you realize what life of shit do you do? “. The donkey turns absently, observes his interlocutor, and quietly asks “Are you the same pig of last year?”.

Beware the dog

Deep night. A thief sneaks into a house. He crosses the living room when he suddenly hears a mighty voice: – Careful! God is watching you! Then, silence. The petrified thief begins to sweat cold. Now it seems that everything is quiet. The thief starts moving again four times. But suddenly, here is that voice again: – Careful! God looks at you !!! The thief now sweats copiously and looks around in terror. In a dark corner he sees for a cage. And in the cage a parrot. – Ahhh, bastard! But then you were to say that God looks at me !!! – Yes … – the parrot answers nonchalantly. The thief, breathes a sigh of relief and now reassured asks: – What’s your name bastard of a feathered? – Florence… – What the name of the cabbage is Florence for a parrot?!? – the thief snickers – Who is the idiot who called you that? – The same idiot who called “God” the pitbull …


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