Crazy Shepherds And His Animals

Animals Jokes of the day

Suspicious of betrayal

A farmer wants to make a joke to one of his hens and secretly subtracts an egg to paint it of all colors. Then he puts it in the middle of the other eggs and starts to spy on the reactions of the hen. This, however, remains completely indifferent.

Disappointed, the farmer is about to return to his work, when he sees on the other side of the hive a great ruckus: it is the rooster that loudly beats the peacock!


One morning a shepherd realizes that one of his sheep is sick. He climbs up the hill and calls his neighbor loudly: “Mark! Mark”. Pasquale leaves the house and shouts: “What is it?!?”. And the shepherd “What gave you to your sheep when he was sick?”. “turpentine”. “turpentine???”. “Yes, turpentine!”. “Okay, thanks”. Two days pass and the shepherd climbs up the hill: “Mark! Mark! “. “What’s up?”. “What did you say you gave us to your sheep when he was sick?” “turpentine”. “And why mine died, then?”. “….mine too!”

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