Daphne Sheldrick The Elephants' Mama

The Elephants’ Mama

Today we are very sad to read very bad news. Wildlife lovers and all the conservationist world cries the death of Dame Daphne Sheldrick.

In Kenya, she was an institution. She was the founder of  David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. She works at the project started by her husband the whole life with his family. The actual DSWT is probably the more important project of conservation in Africa. Dame Daphne Sheldrick born in Kenya in 1934 where she even studied up to become graduate.

We don’t remember here all she deserves. For to know about her we address you to visit the DSWT site. There there is all info about her and project.

The Daphne Sheldrick project

We prefer to talk a little bit about the legacy she left us. In the years the DSWT become an irreplaceable help in the anti-poaching war. The DSWT bring the baby elephants orphans of mother killed by poachers or sometimes in the human/animals conflict. The calves are raised with infinite passion and love. The milk used is a special formula studied by Daphne Sheldrick. Today not only elephants are sheltered in DSWT, but even rhino found help.

In the DSWT there is a veterinary unit, the aerial team for supporting the emergency in the national parks. There is the anti-poaching project, and the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s Community Outreach Programs.

I have personally witnessed some veterinary interventions with helicopter units. They are very professional and perfectly prepared for any kind of emergency in Kenya. In the last decades, their work is becoming very important. The poaching increasing in Kenya made fundamental a big answer by the conservationists. David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust gives this answer in a better way possible.

Thanks, Dame Daphne Sheldrick, we will not forget you. We will not forget all you did for Kenya and his wildlife.

Was been an honor to know you and your huge job.

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