Denis Urubko Is Gone From Expedition

Denis Urubko is gone from K2 winter expedition

Denis Urubko Is gone

The official communicate

According to the communicate below, Denis Urubko is gone from the expedition. It is the worse possible situation for the expedition.

Denis Urubko, according to his convictions regarding the end of the winter season, decided to leave the Winter Expedition on K2.
This decision was accepted by the participants of the expedition, who did not see any further possibility of cooperation with Denis after his independent attempt to get the top.

We don’t comment the Denis Urubko decision, we wait for his point of view when he will be back.

Now the future of the expedition is not predictable. It will depend on the weather condition and another issue. The climbers are there to wait for the better day to attack the wall. Next days they will be at the base camp.

Are they enough acclimatized for the K2 summit?

Anyway, if the good days will be more maybe they have time even for that. We follow the events ah we hope for the best.

Stay tuned

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