Denis Urubko Stops His Solo Attempt

Denis Urubko stops his solo attempt

Denis Urubko stops his only attempt.


Krzysztof WieleckiDenis Urubko is a Camp 2, as reported in a short communicate by Krzysztof Wielecki. Denis Urubko is coming down from the wall. He’s actually at Camp 2. Probably because of the condition of the mountain and the wind.

We are curious to know the highest point touched. But for that, we need to wait at least when the base camp.

By the way at Base Camp, the confrontation with the expedition leader will be inevitable. Krzysztof Wielecki will maintain Denis Urubko as a member of the expedition.


We think the good news is that he decides to sacrifice the summit dream. Life is much important to the summit dream.

As we have written in the previous article, The Denis Urubko solo attempt was very very risky. The risk in that wall is very hight even in summer, imagine in winter, alone and the nightmare of wind! At the end of the article, there is the chart and small explanation regarding the relationship between Temperature and Wind.

Denis Urubko can be important again for the expedition. But this is just our personal thought. Probably will depend even upon him. If he’ll accept the leader’s orders. Can be, why not?

Man to man

It is an extreme expedition, it isn’t the army and it isn’t a company. The dynamics in the expedition are different and need to more flexible, looking for the target.

Obviously, they need to have a little man-to-man.

In conclusion

The expedition is not ended, better weather is coming at the beginning of March. If the forecast doesn’t change a lot, even the wind will be low.

Will be that the moment of the final attack? we hope so.

Wind Chill

We want to remember that the wind determines the bodies’ temperature lower. There is a specific relation between temperature and wind. The table below is very clear. So now just we do a small game: this morning forecast says the K2 temperature will be around -30 and the wind 70 km/h.¬† So how much will be the perceived temperature ( wind chill effect )? It will be -51 degrees. Don’t you fill cold?

Stay tuned friends.

Wind chill chart

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