Elephant the biggest terrestrial animal

African Elephant

IUCN red list classification as vulnerable

Scientific Name: Panthera pardus
English name: Leopard
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Proboscidea
Family: Elephantidae
Link to Red List page: Elephant red list


There are three species of elephants, African bush elephant, African forest elephant and Asian elephant so the habitat is different between the species. Is very adaptable and he can find in savannah, bush, forest, desert, and marsh.

African Elephant


Males weigh 6000 kg, and high at the shoulder 3.2 mt, female can weight 3000 kg, and high at the shoulder 2.6 mt.

Where to find

Actually, the Elephant is present is presented in all the sub-Saharan area in East Africa, central Africa, and South Africa. It is one of the Big Five


The elephant is the largest living terrestrial animal and is considerate keystone species.
Many are the features of this species. For example, his intelligence is compared with that of primate or cetaceans. So is big and even intelligent. His penis is very long and can reach one meter and sometimes a little bit more.

The elephant is considerate a keystone animal so his impact on the ecosystem is very big. Is aggressive especially if in the herd there are calves. His foot is big and below it works like a shock absorber. So when he walks is very difficult to recognize him.

Fortunately, he does many different noises. So is possible to reach his presence by that. For example the movement of the gas in the stomach. Or the typical noise of wood broken if you are in the bush.

Human/animals conflict

Masai think the elephant need to stay under control. When from villages they recognize elephant approaching immediately all the people are activated. And with big noise and songs, they try to divert them from the villages. When the elephant is in the village is too late. Before to leave, he destroys all is possible to destroy, it is his nature.

Human conflict is high because high is the impact of this animal in the environment. He kills many people and the reasons are many. Anyway we suggest don’t take a selfie with African elephants, you can’t survive. Just with Asian elephants is possible because they are trained mostly with cruel treatment.

If an elephant takes you, to survive is a miracle. Even the strategy of pretending to be dead is bad. He will play with your body like a ball. And will not remain a lot of you. Another system he uses to kill humans is by the trunk. He takes you by the prehensile trunk and he makes you fly away. Bu, not one time, he will go ahead up of you just small parts remain.
But he needs our help, is classified as Vulnerable and will be not simple to stop his decline.

Major risk:

It is the same valid for lion, human conflicts, the decline of the ecosystem and the poaching.

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