Esmond Bradley Martin killed in Kenya

Esmond Bradley Martin killed

The famous ivory trade investigator Esmond Bradley Martin killed in Kenya

He was a famous investigator in the ivory and rhino horn trade. In his investigation, he operated many times undercovered in the illegal markets.  Markets like Laos, Vietnam, China, USA, Congo, Nigeria, Angola, Hong Kong. Recently he was investigating even in Myanmar.

Esmond Bradley Martin killed in his house in Langata in Nairobi. He was found in his house, killed by stab wounds to his neck. He has found by his wife Monday when she came back from walking. The police say they didn’t found up now the killer. They have questioned a gardener and a cook who is employed at the home.

The death of  Esmond Bradley Martin is a disgrace, the conservationist world cries an important person. The achievements of his danger job were been very important.  It helps to persuade China to shut down its legal rhino horn trade in 1993 and ivory trade in 2017.

What’s happen now? perhaps who wanted to kill Esmond Martin think have stopped his job. We think is just an illusion, many are the activists around the world which do the same activity. In fact, the public opinion is in the almost totally against the Ivory and rhino horn trade. The reason is simple, the trade is based on the popular credence. The new generations are not involved a lot in this.

Rest in peace friend of elephants and rhinoceros, we’ll not forget your example.

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