Funny animals wild

Funny animals wild or not?

Funny animals wild

A new video of funny animals. Watching this video the question arises spontaneously, are they wild or not?

Fanny animals wild

According to dictionaries, the term “wild” is meaning ‘living in a state of nature, not tamed or domesticated’.

So for me, it is incorrect to define wild these animals. Ok, I know wich a lion remain a lion but even a domestic dog maintain a wild side. Here we want to show the funny side of these animals but probably who watch the video can be tempted to think they are not very danger lions, bears or tigers!!

The demonstration of this is growing number of accidents in parks where people can go inside alone. Look at this video, for example, a complete family included baby outside the car like to be in a square in town, Cheetah defends his territory, it is their house.

So remember, wild is wild and must to remain wild if we want to maintain the biodiversity.


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