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A graduate rabbit

A rabbit goes around all happy for the lawn because he is about to finish his thesis.
At one point he meets a wolf, who obviously wants to eat it.

The rabbit at least wants to graduate before dying, so he says to the wolf: “Come to my den, I’ll let you read my thesis if you do not agree you’ll eat!”.
“But what is the title of your thesis?”.
“The Superiority of Rabbits on Wolves and Foxes!”.

The wolf, after hearing the title, decides to accept. Enter the rabbit hole and it does not come out anymore.
The day after a fox passes near the rabbit hole, which is preparing for the day of graduation, and obviously begins to chase him to eat it.

The rabbit asks her to read her thesis before eating it. And once she hears the title, the fox also accepts and enters the rabbit hole.
Even the fox does not come out.
On the day of graduation, the rabbit comes out well dressed in the den and meets a friend of his, who asks him for the title of his thesis. The bunny answers proudly: “The superiority of rabbits on Wolves and Foxes!”.

“But I do not think it can work …”.
“Follow me in my den and I’ll explain everything!”.

The friend follows the rabbit in the den and finds himself in front of a pile of fox bones, a pile of wolf bones and, at the back of the study, near the computer holding several copies of the thesis, a big lion.

MORAL: No matter the title of the thesis, what matters is WHO is your rapporteur !!

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