Funny animals And Jokes

Funny animals the joke of the day

The explorer and the lion

An explorer suddenly finds himself facing a very large lion. The scared explorer says,” God, let this lion be only a Christian apparition … “And the lion replies:” God, bless this meal!”

Bad moments for bats

Two bats as they go head to head talk, at one point one question to another: What was the worst day of your life? “The other replies:” When I got diarrhea “!”

The centipede limitation

An ant and a centipede are invited by a beetle at home for tea. The ant comes on time while the centipede comes with an hour delay” what happened to you? ” On the door, there was a sign with written please clean the feet”!!!!!”

A concert for lions

A famous violinist is convinced that his music has a calming effect even on the wildest beasts. To prove this, take a trip to Africa, in the savannah. It is already a few hours that he is walking when he meets a lion … this is about to pounce on him but he “holds” the violin and starts to play.

The music is so beautiful and melodic that the lion lies down on the ground to listen pleased. Attracted by the celestial sound are approached by other lions and lionesses and arrange all peacefully in a circle around the violinist without roaring in order not to disturb the musical event.

After half an hour of “concert” approaching an old lion running with a single leap and the violinist throats the throat and kills him! All the other lions: – But why did you do it? He was playing so well !! – Eh? As? Speak louder!


A very funny video of funny wild animals


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