Funny animals fishing in Alaska

Funny animals fishing

Funny animals fishing

Who has never dreamed of going to fish salmons in Alaska? It is a dream of many world’s fishermen, but are you sure this is a very safe sport?

Watching this funny animals fishing video it appears not very safe or at least rich in surprises! It is a compilation of many fishing situations around the Alaskan territory. Or better, I suppose it is the Alaskan territory, anyway is possible some scenes are from other countries.

Funny moments

Funny animals fishing
Courtesy of Facebook post by Andy Lomovich

Some of the funny moments are very interesting. The behavior of the bears related to human presence is symptomatic of how much all change when the wild animals are in particular situations. In this cases, the element that moves the bears is the food. They feel the smell of the fish and they try to eat for free.

Fortunately, these specimens are young, so they appear more playful than aggressive. In the case of adult animals, I think the bear strategy would have been very different and this funny animal fishing video it would be called “dramatic animal fishing”.

Funny or dangerous?

Another element that contains the bear’s aggressivity is the large number of humans. They want the food and they try to scare the humans but in case the human’s attack altogether the bear I think he runs away. Even in this case, we need to considerate the young age of the bear. An adult brown bear doesn’t fear about humans if his target is the food. Same problem with Female with cubs with her, it is not easy to know the bear’s behavior.

Who watch this movie maybe can think bears are not dangerous. It is the problem of watching movies where nobody explains the real situation. Be sure all the wild animals are dangerous, just if they are born with humans can have friendly behavior. But even in these cases, I think is not possible to be absolutely sure, their wild nature is just dormant, it is not erased.

The people in the movie are locals and they know what to do in case of a bear attack.


So in conclusion, if your dream is to go to Alaska to fish the “king salmons” is better to prevent issues. Better to contact local fishermen or some expert guides. They will help in your beautiful Alaskan adventure.


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