Funny Animals In The Presence Of God

Animals Joke of the day

Animals’ delegation in paradise

The delegation consisting of a giraffe, an elephant and a female ostrich arrives in Paradise and waits to be received. Finally the giraffe enters.
God: – “Dear giraffe what drives you here?”
“Sir, I feel so ugly estranged with this long neck, it’s really shameful, is not it that you could see my physical appearance again?”
“Ungrateful creature, question the work of the Lord! I have studied before creating you, you are perfection, look carefully and reason: that neck you need to eat the most delicious food and to breathe the cleanest air.
“You’re right, sir, I did not think about it, what a fool I was.”

The giraffe comes out happy and all lively, enters the elephant.

God: – “You too here, do not you tell me that you want to complain ?!”
“But Lord, is it possible that I should have such a long nose and such big ears?”

Ungrateful !! You are the symbol of perfection, you are a creature complete with optionals, those ears you need to cool off when it’s hot and with that nose you can drink without bending over … The others would pay gold to get what you have. shame on you!”

The convinced elephant goes out all happy, to which the ostrich strikes them: “But let me understand, we came here to complain and instead you come out as such and moreover content?”

Giraffe: – “Of course but do not you see that I am perfect? I can eat the best food over the trees and breath the air more
good !! ”
Elephant: – “Even I do not see how beautiful I am, I am a conditioned animal, I can refresh when it is hot and I can drink without getting dirty!”

The ostrich collects and enters decided by God.

God: – “You too, ungrateful, here to complain? !! You are the perfection …..”
“Sir, before you get some more bullshit, let’s get on well. Or the smallest egg … or the biggest ass!


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