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Multilanguage animals

A cat has decided to eat a mouse that has been around for several days. He hides behind a door and: “Bau, bau, bau” the little mouse heard barking, convinced that behind the door there is a dog, comes out of the den without bothering. The cat eats it and the wife asks her husband: “how did you do?” And he: “My dear, today, if you do not speak at least two languages …”

The dog and the mother-in-law

A man goes to see a friend of his and sees that his dog has a tail cut, then asks him: What happened to your dog !! ?? Did you have an accident?
And the other replies: No, it’s for my mother-in-law. Come and spend a few days with us next week.
The surprised friend: So what? What happened to your mother-in-law?
And the other: I do not want my mother-in-law to think that the dog is happy to see her !!!

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